Creepshow Season 3 Is Coming to Shudder This September

    Since it launched in 2015, horror streaming service Shudder has been a strange bag. While it has made some really old, nasty horrors available for the first time in forever, its original content has been either really great or really, really bad. Among its gore-soaked collection, the platform has given up new takes on some well-known franchises, such as Critters: A New Binge and Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich, and then there is the Stephen King and George A Romero anthology, Creepshow, which it has been revealed already has a third season pretty much ready to go.

    Creepshow started out as a tongue-in-cheek bloody horror movie that was directed by Romero and saw King have his first shot at screenwriting, adapting some of his short stories and writing new ones, to make a homage to the 50s EC horror comics like Tales from The Crypt. The original movie was released in 1982 and was a hit, making $21 million off its $8 million budget, the highest gross for a Warner Bros. horror that year. While reviews were mixed, a sequel arrived in 1987, still based on King’s work but with Romero screenwriting and not directing. A second belated sequel was released in 2016, but had no real connection in anything other than name and landed with a 0% approval on Rotten Tomatoes.

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    While that would have usually been enough to kill off any name recognition, Creepshow 3 was thankfully seen by so few that it allowed Shudder to pick up the franchise as an anthology series; something that can only be called a match made in heaven…or perhaps that should be hell. Either way, the first season of Creepshow dragged its carcass out in 2019 and wiped out the barely there memory of the third movie, gaining a 97% Rotten Tomatoes approval and being one of the best reasons to grab a Shudder subscription.

    Creepshow season 3 was commissioned in February, and at Comic-Con it was announced that those new episodes will premiere on September 23. The new season will feature twelve brand new stories across six episodes, and keeping it in the family, one of them is entitled “Mums” and is based on a short story by Joe Hill, song of Stephen King.

    “We have a Joe Hill story called ‘Mums’ that Rusty [Cundieff] directed, Ethan Embry stars in. There’s a couple original stories; the story that James stars in is called ‘Skeletons in the Closet’ about a prop collector who, as it turns out, is such a fanatical fan that he digs up skeletons that were used in movies to add to his prop collection,” Nicotero said. “So it’s sort of loosely based on the legend that in Dawn of the Dead and Poltergeist that they used real skeletons as props for movies. I always loved the idea of, like, ‘Wait, that was a person and their skeleton was used?’ John Esposito wrote the script, I directed it, and James came in to play a couple days.”

    Two other storied teased by Nicotero were a nod to The Exorcist called “Meter Reader”, “The Last Subaraya”, which sees an art dealer discover a rare painting that is of course not going to bring him any kind of good luck, “Drug Traffic”, featuring a monstrous night for a border patrol agent, and “Queen Bee”, taking a look at what happens when some kids try to get shots of a pop idol’s new baby to sell to the tabloids.

    The new season of Creepshow arrives on Shudder on September 23, while season 2 makes its “linear premiere” on AMC on September 6.

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