Heidi Klum Proudly Shows Off Her LEGO Hat While Lounging in a Bikini on a Boat

    Heidi Klum is taking a break from her new hit show, Making the Cut& to spend some quality time with the family in Corsica. She took to Instagram to share some snaps of her lounging in a purple string-bikini and what we all pair with ours, a Lego building blocks cap. It has a cast of characters from Sponge Bob to Minnie Mouse atop the bill. See for yourself!

    When Heidi Klum isn’t summering with the family, she can be found hosting the fashion competition, Making the Cut& with Tim Gunn by her side. The reality show features 10 talented entrepreneurs and designers from around the world, who are ready to take their emerging brands to the next level and become the newest global phenomenon.

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    Speaking of working with Gunn after the successful Project Runway, “We’re having fun together. We get to see beautiful art come down the runway. We have 10 people who are bright-eyed, sparkly. They’re so excited to be there. It’s just beautiful because we get to showcase 10 amazing artists, and we get to shine a light on them, and now they get to be seen around the world. So it all in all feels good.”

    The only downside of her job is delivering the news of their dismissal. She explains, “It’s hard sometimes when you do it, because it’s hard to crush someone. It’s hard to have to, you know, look at someone’s eyes and say, “You’re not making the cut.” And then you see either the tears or how they’re crushed. It’s, like, not nice sometimes, having to be the messenger, you know? And it’s not just only my opinion why you’re not going. I mean, we all discuss it, but they always look at me like they want to, like the daggers they’re shooting at me, you know? Because I want everyone to walk away feeling good, but some people have to go along the way. Otherwise, we won’t have a winner. So, we’re always trying to find the weakest link, and unfortunately, they have to go. It doesn’t mean that they’re not good. It’s just in this assignment, they were the weakest, and, therefore, they had to go. So, to tell them that, it’s never so nice.”

    The first season of Making the Cut included jet-setting to exotic locations, but this season, due to the pandemic, they were in Malibu to stay. Heidi gave much praise to the art department creating the space over and over again for each episode. “It just shows you that when you have creative people, you can still put something beautiful together. I always say, we could have done this in a square black box, and we could have made this fantastic. And that would have been our challenge, to really bring the magic, just in that little space. Because we didn’t want to let anyone down, and especially, not the designers. They were waiting for their moment. This is their moment. This is their opportunity, and in life, you don’t always get so many. So, we wanted to make it also extra special for them, so they didn’t feel like they got the short end of the stick.”

    In other Heidi Klum news, the super model has canceled her annual Halloween Party for a second year in the row. Though we’re sure she’ll have some fun surprises for the spooky season this October. In the meantime, you can check out all the innovative and creative designs on the next episode of Making the Cut airing tomorrow on Amazon Prime.

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