‘Brand New Cherry Flavor’ Trailer: A Filmmaker’s Trip to Hollywood Takes a Dark, Weird Turn (VIDEO)

    “All I wanted to do was make a movie,” Lisa Nova (Rosa Salazar) says in the trailer for Netflix’s Brand New Cherry Flavor.

    The eight-episode limited series follows the filmmaker as she heads to Hollywood in the early ’90s to make her flick, then “tumbles down a hallucinatory rabbit hole of sex, magic, revenge — and kittens,” according to the logline. As you’d expect with that description, things are about to get very weird.

    Lisa’s time in Hollywood begins with a meeting with an Oscar-winning producer, Lou Burke (Eric Lange), who ostensibly is looking to take a chance on her, but when that goes south, she turns to Boro (Catherine Keener). “You said you could hurt someone for me,” Lisa says, after “he took the only thing I care about. I want to set his life on fire.”

    And to do that, well, her life is going to take a turn into some magical, nightmarish, disturbing stuff. But as much as Lisa may want Lou to hurt, “maybe escalating this isn’t the best idea,” Code (Manny Jacinto) suggests.

    “What did he do to you?” Boro asks. “He took the only thing I care about,” Lisa says, “I want to set his life on fire.” So Boro tells her about a binding spell, and well, Lisa sees some “nightmare” stuff. Lisa wants him to hurt. Is she sure? “Maybe escalating this isn’t the best idea,” Code suggests. Watch the trailer below for more.

    Brand New Cherry Flavor also stars Jeff Ward (as R0y Hardaway). Nick Antosca (through his production banner Eat the Cat, and under his overall deal with UCP, a division of Universal Studio Group) and Lenore Zion serve as executive producers, showrunners, and writers.

    Scroll down to check out the character posters.

    Brand New Cherry Flavor, Limited Series Premiere, Friday, August 13, Netflix

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