Chris Pratt Has a Good Reason Not to Impersonate Father-in-law Arnold Schwarzenegger

    There are many people who have made some pretty decent, and equally terrible, attempts at impersonating Arnold Schwarzenegger, but one person who you won’t catch doing one is Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt. In a new interview, the actor revealed that he has a very good reason for avoiding ribbing the former governor of California and Terminator star. In simple terms, Pratt doesn’t want to risk having to sit across the dinner table from his father-in-law after making fun of him.

    Pratt, who is married to Arnie’s daughter Katherine, was speaking to Associated Press while he was promoting The Tomorrow War when the subject of the action hero came up. Pratt revealed that Big Arnie praised the father/daughter story at center of the film after seeing the trailer, at which point the interviewer asked, in his best Arnie voice, if he had called it “fauntaustic”. However, Pratt wasn’t going to be drawn into giving his own take on his father-in-law’s iconic voice.

    “Yeah that’s right, but you won’t catch me saying that on-camera,” Pratt said. “Because I am going to see him for dinner on Sunday. And if he says ‘Hey I saw the interview where you did an impression of me,’ it might not work so well.”

    Chris Pratt has been married to Katherine for two years, with the couple having their first child in August last year during the COVID 19 pandemic. Pratt’s previous marriage to Ana Faris ended in 2018 after nine years, and the couple have a son together. The family ties don’t end with Arnie either, as due to Katherine’s mother, Maria Shriver, Pratt is also linked to the Kennedy family. There are family ties and then there are ties like these.

    One thing that Pratt doesn’t need any help with is with his career, as the actor is probably more in demand now than he ever has been. As well as The Tomorrow War arriving as a big Amazon Prime Video release, he has a number of huge movies coming to theaters in the next few years. Next summer will see the release of the final part of the Jurassic World trilogy, Dominion, and he will also have a starring role in Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder alongside Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman. The following year, he will be back in the Marvel fold again for Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 3, with the full team back for another cosmic outing. And that’s not even touching on the Guardian’s Holiday Special that’s coming in between.

    While there are some people who have never wanted to see Chris Pratt do an impression of Arnie, something tells me that this interview meant that no matter how highly anticipated his new movies are, they would dearly love to see him not only pull out an impression of the muscle man, but also let us watch how it unfolds at that Sunday lunch. Come on Chris, it must be worth a TikTok video at least. This comes to us from comicbook.

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