Corey Feldman Talks Frog Brothers TV Series Possibilities [Exclusive]

    Corey Feldman isn’t so sure he wants to star in any more movies, but he’s still keeping the door open for a television series based on The Lost Boys. In the iconic vampire movie, Feldman and Jamison Newlander are featured as Edgar and Alan Frog, a pair of brothers hoping to rid Santa Monica of its vampire problem. The pair have since reprised their roles as the Frog Brothers in a pair of movie sequels.

    Earlier this summer, Corey Feldman told Dread Central that his pal Jamison Newlander was hoping to develop a Frog Brothers TV series off the ground. Feldman was leaving himself out of the creative side of the equation, though he said Newlander was “quite dedicated” to getting the series launched. In our new exclusive interview with Feldman, we were able to get an update on the potential project.

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    According to Corey, networks had since been calling since the Frog Brothers TV series article was published. When asked about the possibility of Gremlins 3 ever happening, Feldman gave us an optimistic response, suggesting that you never really know for sure. The question also reminded him of how the Lost Boys series might be manifesting because of the recent article about the possibility. From the interview:

    “We’ll see, right? Everything’s up in the air, man. I recently talked about the fact that Jamison had an idea for a Frog Brothers show, and all of a sudden, networks start calling us going, ‘Hey, we hear there’s a Frog Brothers show.’ So, you never know what can happen. All I’m saying is, as of right now, I’ve got no solid plans to do any of it.”

    Corey Feldman, who also told us he’s not sure he ever wants to act again, admits that he’d love to see a Frog Brothers series happen. That’s due in part to the relationship he has with Newlander and the fun they’ve had on their previous projects. While he’d be up for the potential series, Feldman is also adamant that he’s not going to be the one making calls to networks and producers trying to make it happen, as he’s finished with that part of his career as an actor.

    “I mean, I would watch it. I think it would be great fun, but that’s because Jamison and I always crack each other up and we have a good time together, so it’s fun for me. I love working with Jamison. I love doing Frog Brothers. It’s always a good time. All I’m saying is, could one of these revival projects happen? Sure. But there is probably no chance of me going and trying to, you know, beat the pavement and work to get somebody to hire me as an actor. I’m not willing to do the rounds anymore.”

    Time will tell if a Frog Brothers TV series ever happens, but Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander did get the chance to return as the characters in the franchise previously. In 2008, Feldman appeared as Edgar in the sequel Lost Boys: The Tribe, and though Newlander wasn’t in the final cut, he did have a cameo in a deleted scene. Both actors appeared more prominently as the Frog Brothers in the third and final installment of the movie series, Lost Boys: The Thirst, which was released in 2010. You can check out our full interview with Feldman on YouTube.

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