Deadpool Star T.J. Miller Has Charges Dropped in Fake Threat Case

    Actor and comedian T.J. Miller will not face federal charges for the 2018 fake bomb threat after Connecticut prosecutors dismissed the case. The 2018 arrest in La Guardia airport stemmed from an alleged fake bomb threat made from an Amtrak train by Miller. The state of Connecticut added stipulations to the dismissal based on prior Miller’s medical problems, stating:

    “The government makes this request based upon: (1) expert medical analyses and reports regarding the defendant’s prior brain surgery and its continued neurological impacts, which cast doubt upon the requisite legal element of ‘intent’ to commit the charged offense(of what turned out to be a false 911 call); and (2) the defendant having entered agreements both to make full financial restitution for the costs of the law enforcement response to the false 911 call.” Prosecutors added in the filing that Miller had agreed to take part in “a thorough and necessary program of Cognitive Remediation to render any recurrence of such conduct most highly unlikely.”

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    His behavior prior to the diagnosis was initially chalked up to apathy or substance abuse by friends and the industry. Mike Judge speaking of Miller’s Silicon Valley exit said, “It was kind of becoming clear that he didn’t want to do the show anymore, but we wanted to leave it so that there would be an opportunity to come back at some point.” The creator explained that the writers purposely left Erlich’s storyline open-ended in the finale. “When the season was done, we talked to T.J. and said, ‘Do you want to come back for part of it?’ And he just wanted to move on.” Other projects started to slip away.

    T.J. Miller described learning about an undiagnosed cerebral arteriovenous malformation on his right frontal lobe on the Pete Holmes podcast ‘You Made It Weird’ on October 28, 2011. He stated that he became more philosophical, narrated his behaviors, and was unable to sleep while filming Yogi Bear in New Zealand in 2010. His brain surgery was successful.

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    After the surgery, he said that he still had problems. “I started to go insane, not just chemically but physically,” Miller said. “Because there was blood going to my right frontal lobe … I started to exhibit characteristics of somebody who is losing their mind, an obsession with … puzzles, narrating my own behavior. I kind of have had this mania for my whole life probably, but certainly since the surgery.”

    He has since found new treatments after his arrest that didn’t exist when he had his surgery, and he’s grateful for what’s followed. “What is great about what happened with that misunderstanding of the federal government is that I connected with and found a neuropsychologist who was able to say, ‘Look, what you needed after surgery didn’t exist then,'” shared Miller, adding that he now works with a team of professionals to manage his mania through therapy. T.J Miller latest film is last year’s The Stand In, starring Drew Barrymore.

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