Kurt Angle Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Winning Olympic Gold with a ‘Broken Freakin’ Neck’

    In the midst of this year’s Summer Olympics, Kurt Angle is reflecting on winning his own gold medal 25 years ago with a “broken freakin’ neck.” During the 1996 Olympic Trials, the future WWE Hall of Famer fractured two of his cervical vertebrae, resulting in two herniated discs and four pulled muscles. Despite the serious injury, he won the trials before going on to win the gold medal in freestyle wrestling at the Summer Olympics.

    Exactly 25 years later, Angle is celebrating the occasion with a fun day out on the boat with his family. Posting some images of the Angles out on the water, Kurt writes in a tweet, “On this day 25 years ago, I won the Olympic Gold in freestyle wrestling. #withabrokenfreakinneck. No better way to spend my 25 year anniversary than with my beautiful family. My wife and kids said I should buy a boat now. We shall see.”

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    He’ll always be commended for his accomplishments as an Olympian, though Angle has since become much more well known for his career as a pro wrestler. Having performed in WWE as one of its top stars for many years, he is widely regarded as one of the best in-ring workers in wrestling history. During the height of his run, Angle also served as a major player in the competing organization Total Nonstop Action for several years before eventually making his way back to WWE. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2017 and has since retired after one last match at WrestleMania 35 in 2019.

    Longtime wrestling fans will remember that Angle often played the role of a villain who boasted about his Olympic gold medal. He often bragged about winning the gold “with a broken freakin’ neck,” which came to be a popular catchphrase for the wrestler. Referring to the slogan, Angle included the hashtag #withabrokenfreakinneck in his celebration tweet, as the phrase and the Olympic gold win have just become synonymous for him at this point.

    Angle has been keeping up with the Summer Olympics this year, and he’s been similarly celebrating all week. He previously posted another image from the Olympics along with a message that read: “Olympics day 5. This is a photo of the finals of the 1995 world championships, where I won the gold.The only thing left to conquer was the 1996 Olympics. Oh, and by the way, I did it with a broken freakin neck.I probably say that way too much!”

    The next day, Angle posted: “Day 6 Olympic Games: This week 25 years ago I had the proud opportunity to represent my country in the Olympic Games, where I captured the GOLD! Something I dreamed about since I was 7 years old. Dreams DO come true when you BELIEVE in yourself.”

    As someone who rose to the top of freestyle wrestling in the Olympics and pro wrestling in WWE, there is no one else like Kurt Angle. In honor of the WWE Hall of Famer, many wrestling fans are also celebrating the occasion. You can see some other posts from Angle about the Summer Olympics below. The tweet above comes to us from Kurt Angle on Twitter.

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