Daniel Radcliffe Gives Saucy Shirtless Performance in Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail Sneak Peek

    Think Hedwig meets Harry Potter.& If you’re not familiar with Miracle Workers, you’re not alone. It’s a sleeper hit starring Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi, and it is great. The show is an American anthology comedy series for TBS, created and written by SNL writer Simon Rich, with each season being based on a different work.

    Each season tells a different tale with the same cast, but a reset on these characters. Like American Horror Story, only not at all. It’s a comedy, romance, fantasy show as opposed to twisted horror. To give you a taste, watch the sneak peak of Daniel Radcliffe shaking what his mama gave ’em in this week’s episode for The Oregon Trailer.

    [embedded content]

    Daniel Radcliffe took “no convincing” to give it his all for the show, co-showrunners Daniel Mirk and Robert Padnick say, “Daniel was excited about the idea of the dance sequence as soon as we pitched it to him. He developed the dance with a choreographer and practiced it extensively on his own time, and obviously his hard work paid off because the routine is amazing. One of the fun things about working with Daniel is that the craziest scenes are always his favorite,” the duo explain. “He commits incredibly hard to pulling off the strangest, funniest bits.”

    Asked if Daniel thought the show was fun to make, he says, “It is. It is extremely fun. I think one of the great thrills of it for me is that, you know, we all get to, because it’s an anthology, change the roles we’re playing every year and start with something completely new and fresh. And this was the first job I had done since the pandemic started. So for this to be my sort of first job going back to work was really – I couldn’t have wished for anything more in terms of knowing everyone already and just being a joyous experience and mostly filming outside, as well.”

    Steve Buscemi says of working with Daniel Radcliffe, “I love working with Dan. The first two seasons, you know, we really didn’t get a lot of scenes together. And so going into the third season, the writers, Daniel Mirk and Robert Padnick asked us if there’s anything specific that we wanted to see in the third season. And both Dan and I lobbied for more scenes together. And they really came through because a lot of the time we’re side by side, you know, on the wagon. And I love that they made us, you know, sort of diametrically opposed.”

    Just to give you a taste of the absurd nature of the show, the first season started with God’s (Steve Buscemi, in a leisure suit) plan to blow up the Earth so he could focus on his latest dream: running a fusion restaurant. The third season sees Reverend Ezekiel Brown (Radcliffe) leading his dying, famine-stricken town to head for a better life on the Oregon Trail. Cheery, right? Jump in! The water’s great! Catch it Tuesday August 3 on TBS.

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