Fred Durst Surprises Fans with Radical New Look Unveiled at Lollapalooza

    ’90s rock sensation and Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst recently appeared with a strange new look at the 2021 Lollapalooza music festival and has since been trending on the internet. Durst stepped on the stage rocking a head full of silver hair with a handlebar mustache and red aviators. It’s the same look the singer teased his fans with on Instagram earlier last week. While many initially believed that Durst was trolling and wearing a wig or something, it turns out he wasn’t. So far, it looks like those hair are his own and this weird new look is here to stay. You can check out the pictures below.

    Fred Durst had been previously sporting a full beard and the signature backward baseball cap. His appearance has varied throughout the years, but this one takes the cake. And as expected, fans were caught by surprise at the controversial singer’s latest transformation. He has been a topic of discussion on the web for the past couple of days, with many netizens expressing their thoughts on social media. Some liked his new look, while others found it hilarious.

    “Fred Durst looks like the owner of the haunted record store Scooby and the gang investigate and find out it was him all along,” says a Twitter citizen.

    “Fred Durst looks like a detective that let a case get the best of him”

    “Fred Durst looks like he is on Undercover Boss,” saiD one user.

    This guy got carried away with his imagination saying, “Fred Durst looks like he coached high school basketball for 23 years with a .386 winning percentage and now drinks coffee alone at 6:30 every morning at McDonald’s.”

    Fred Durst also drew comparisons to Richard Branson and Richard Gere, among many others. Some even had him comparing to Jullian Assange and Jon Bon Jovi.

    But not everyone was in the trolling mood, some welcomed Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit’s return. “Wild Fun Performance” exclaimed a fan.

    Durst also debuted his new song “Dad Vibes”. Some fans speculated that the aptly titled song was the reason for Durst’s latest look.

    Durst and company also gave a glimpse of their usual self, breaking stuff and fooling around.

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    Fred Durst and the Nu-Metal band Limp Bizkit were featured in the recent documentary Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage. The documentary shed light on the infamous music festival held in Rome, New York, in 1999, where several women were sexually assaulted, and the crowd went on to perform acts of violence, vandalism, and looting.

    After the many controversies he and the band faced, Durst took a hiatus and ventured into independent filmmaking. His debut film The Education of Charlie Banks, starring Jesse Eisenberg and Jason Ritter premiered at the Tribeca film festival in 2001 before getting a limited release in 2009. The film received mixed reviews, but Durst’s direction and the performances were praised. Durst followed up with The Longshots in 2008 and The Fanatic. starring John Travolta in 2019. Both the movies were widely panned, with durst receiving a Razzie nomination for The Fanatic. Limp Bizkit is currently on tour and will perform in various parts of the country in the coming months. If you’re a fan, be sure to check them out.

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