The Munsters Movie Costumes Revealed by Rob Zombie

    Rob Zombie continues to chug along through production on his reboot of The Munsters Movie, and now he’s given us a first look at the actual costumes the monster family will be wearing. During the pre-production process, Zombie has been very open on social media with providing updates to his fans. We’ve gotten a sneak peek at Grandpa’s wig and Herman’s head, and now we can see some of the spooky outfits they’ll be wearing in the movie. You can look at the post below.

    “Things are really heating up in the wardrobe department here in Budapest. Here are a few quick glimpses,” Rob Zombie said in the caption.

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    This comes after previous teases about the wardrobe, though this is our first look at the actual costumes. He has also posted illustrated photos of some of the concept artwork, with separate potential outfits for both Herman and Lily. The characters seem to be looking mostly how they appeared in the original TV series, and that’s another indication that Zombie is looking to make his reboot very faithful to The Munsters.

    Meanwhile, the House of 1000 Corpses director has also shared his plans to construct all of Mockingbird Heights, not just the Munsters house at 1313 Mockingbird Lane. He posted blueprints of the family’s home, revealing that it will be modeled exactly like the original TV series version. Zombie then announced that more homes were being built around the Munsters’ house to show that he’s really going the extra mile to make a movie that honors the original sitcom.

    We are all still waiting on Zombie to officially confirm The Munsters cast. WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash has thrown his name into the hat by volunteering to play Herman Munster, and many fans were on board with the idea. Unfortunately for Nash, the role may have already been cast, as actor Jeff Daniel Phillips is rumored for Herman. The casting would make sense as Phillips has appeared in several of Zombie’s previous movies, and Zombie is known for frequently collaborating with the same actors.

    Sheri Moon Zombie is also heavily rumored to play Lily Munster, this according to the original report from Murphy’s Multiverse that first broke the news of the project. Other names that are rumored are Richard Brake and Dan Roebuck in undisclosed main roles alongside Lost star Jorge Garcia. Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson will reportedly appear in a supporting role. None of this information has been officially confirmed by Zombie or Universal.

    The Munsters originally ran for 70 episodes between 1964-66. In subsequent years, it became a cult favorite and spawned various movie adaptations with different casts playing the iconic characters. Zombie has long been a big fan of the TV show and fans feel that he’s the perfect person to reimagine their story for the big screen.

    As of now, an official release date still has yet to be announced for Rob Zombie’s The Munsters. It’s rumored that the movie will be released on the streaming service Peacock along with a theatrical premiere. Hopefully, Zombie will be divulging more information about the movie soon. This news comes to us from Rob Zombie on Instagram.

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