‘This Is Us’: 7 Things We Want to See Before the Show Ends

    This Is Us may have wrapped its fifth season a while ago, but as we look to the future we can’t help but wonder where the Pearsons are heading next as they prepare for their sixth and final season at NBC.

    The family drama from Dan Fogelman has had fans in tears since it first debuted in 2016 and while we’re sure there will be more before the show concludes, we are also hoping for some happier horizons. Whether it’s Rebecca’s (Mandy Moore) health or Kevin’s (Justin Hartley) relationship status, there’s plenty of unresolved aspects to the Pearson family’s lives we’d like to see addressed in Season 6.

    Below, we’re rounding up some of the musts on our list. Let us know what you’re wanting to see in the final season in the comments section.

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