Tokyo Olympics: The Must-See Events of Week 2 of the Summer Games

    As the Tokyo Olympics continue, be sure tune in for the coolest events, athletes and memories in the making. Check out the schedule below.

    Monday, August 2

    Flying Leaps and Handy Spikes

    Two-person teams cover lots of sandy ground in the beach volleyball women’s quarterfinal (8/7c, NBC). USA’s bronze winner from Rio, April Ross, is serving alongside a new partner, 6’5″ blocking sensation Alix Klineman.

    Tuesday, August 3

    Wonder Wheels at the Games

    Astonished fans may wonder how riders stay upright, much less push pedals to a medal with such ferocity in the cycling track finals (noon/11am c, NBC).

    Most Delicate Balance

    What’s 16 feet long by 4 inches wide? The agonizingly slender playing field for the women’s gymnastics balance beam (8/7c, NBC). In this discipline gold final, degree-of-difficulty star Simone Biles looks to out-twist and outflip Dutch defending champ Sanne Wevers.

    Wednesday, August 4

    A Hold-Your-Breath Outcome

    Within the gripping drama of the wrestling finals (10am/9c, USA) is one big subplot: the attempt of Cuba’s Mijaín López Núñez to make history as the first four-time gold medalist in Greco-Roman wrestling’s super heavyweight division (290 lbs.), breaking the tie with legendary “Russian Bear” Aleksandr Karelin.

    TOBIAS SCHWARZ/AFP via Getty Images

    Thursday, August 5

    Giving Props to Elegance

    Sports-minded newcomers to rhythmic gymnastics (8/7c, CNBC) might find its beautiful dancing while, say, tossing a hoop or twirling a ribbon something of a head-scratcher. Watching Russian champ Dina Averina (who’s been a smidge better than twin/fellow Olympian Arina) will make you a believer.

    Friday, August 6

    Downward Spiral to Greatness

    In competitive diving (men’s platform qualifying, 8/7c, NBC), tiny splashes rack up sizeable scores. Can Brit Tom Daley execute a forward 41/2 somersault in tuck position with barely a plink?

    The Electrifying Relay

    Track and field’s most exacting event? The 4x100m (men’s and women’s finals, 8/7c, NBC). Handing off a baton at top speed takes such precision, the U.S. men have failed to medal in the past three Games for pass failures.

    Patrick Smith/Getty Images

    Hopes for a Slam Dunk

    After a tough NBA finals, the Phoenix Suns’ Devin Booker and the Milwaukee Bucks’ Khris Middleton and Jrue Holiday are among the pros out to rule the world in men’s basketball (finals, 10:30/9:30c, NBC, Peacock).

    Saturday, August 7

    It’s in the Genes

    Vashti Cunningham’s mom was a ballerina. Her dad (and coach) is ex–NFL pro Randall Cunningham. Is it any wonder she excels at the high jump (women’s finals 8/7c, NBC)?

    Sunday, August 8

    “United by Emotion,” One Last Time

    Celebrate the 11,000 athletes from some 200 nations as they take their bows in a final waving spectacle, aka the closing ceremony (8/7c, NBC).

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