Marvel’s What If…? TV Trailer Changes the Stories You Remember in a Way You’ll Never Forget

    Marvel and Disney have been a non-stop machine when it comes to unique protects. But nothing could be as different and exciting as the new series hitting Disney+ on August 11th. &Marvel’s What If…? takes us on a journey into a strange multiverse of stories with familiar characters. A new TV trailer has arrived, and it asks Marvel fans the ultimate question.&

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    The series is based off the idea of what would happen if major events in the MCU timeline had different outcomes and results. It’s also based on the comic book series with the same name. The show brings in Jeffrey Wright who stars as the Watcher. He is the narrator through the animated series, which gives it a Twilight Zone feel. If you aren’t familiar with the Watcher or Watchers they are an ancient race of godlike beings that watch over the Multiverse. They have only appeared in one film so far and that was in Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol 2.&

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    In the show we will hear many MCU film actors reprising their roles. Such as the late Chadwick Boseman and Josh Brolin. After only two episodes shown to critics, it is earning very high praise and a season two is already in development. &

    With Loki setting everything into motion and the multiverse being the focus of Marvel’s next phase, What If..? takes on a journey that should lend us some clues as to what we might expect from future films. We are also going to learn some new details regarding our favorite characters and villains. &The first season consists of nine episodes and will be released weekly which follows the formula for most shows on Disney+. &

    Like most projects with Marvel, details are kept pretty tight and secret. What we do is that one of the storylines that was kept of this animated show, is suppose to be a main part of the storyline for Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol 3.&And we know that Nick Fury has some major developments in his episode which led up to the events of the battle of New York. &We also learned that although many of the actors will be the voices behind the animated versions of their characters, Dave Bautista was not asked to voice Drax. Maybe because he is no longer going to be portraying that character after the next film? Who knows. &

    With this being Disney’s and Marvels first animated series together, a lot is riding on it as it clearly won’t be the last. Animated films have been discussed and planned so expect to see more. & The new trailer looks great though and I for one have been waiting for this series. Bring on the weird and strange because August 11th, I am tuning in. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, do so now. You won’t regret it. &

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    What are you hoping to see from this new animated series? Any predictions? As always we will keep you updated with news and details so make sure to follow and leave to comments for us.

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