‘New Amsterdam’: Michelle Forbes to Recur in Season 4

    Uh-oh, it sounds like medical director Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) is going to have a new problem on his hands at the hospital in New Amsterdam Season 4.

    Michelle Forbes is set to recur as Dr. Veronica Fuentes, described as “a calm, poised and fearless fixer who is brought in to ‘reconstruct’ the failing hospital,” according to TVLine. And her plan to help is to “wipe clean the inept board.”

    Max has clashed with the board many times in the past, but something tells us that doesn’t necessarily mean he and Veronica will be on the same side. After all, we’ve actually seen Max and board member Karen Brantley (Debra Monk) not be entirely antagonistic toward one another in Season 3, and now they may have a common enemy that requires them to work together (and gives us more entertaining moments of her dealing with his crazier ideas).

    This fixer is coming in after a season of more losses than wins for the medical director, which “reflected the journey of a lot in the medical profession [in 2020 and 2021], trying to keep their heads above water while confronting the limits of their institution,” executive producer David Schulner told TV Insider. It sounds like Max and the rest of the hospital will have to deal with a fallout of that, however, with the introduction of Forbes’ character.

    That’ll come as the NBC medical drama is set to scale back from tackling the big issues like Max tried to do in Season 3. Instead, the plan (at least at the time of the finale) is to return to what we saw in the first two seasons. For next year, the plan is to deliver more of what New Amsterdam was like in the first two seasons.

    'New Amsterdam' Star Ryan Eggold in Season 3 Episode 13 as Dr. Max Goodwin

    Barbara Nitke/NBC

    “We’re gonna work our way back a little more towards just the interpersonal dynamics of our characters and our patients and the more sort of internal issues of what it means to be human again, which is really where emotion comes in and where our show lives most naturally,” executive producer and director Peter Horton shared.

    New Amsterdam, Season 4 Premiere, Tuesday, September 21, 10/9c, NBC

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