Ryan Reynolds Is Shirtless and Swole in Viral Free Guy Sneak Peek

    There a few downsides to the discipline required to achieve the physique Ryan Reynolds displayed for his new film Free Guy. In his latest featurette, he gives us the low down on diet, including human muscle smoothies, which are illegal. He can’t fit into his Deadpool costume anymore. And poor Blake Lively, “I actually fathered our youngest daughter when I was this muscular,” Reynolds says. “The child was born full grown and wearing shoes, which was weird for Blake.”

    But no worries, he said it took him only one week to achieve his goals. In his words, “They’re coming in nicely.” Enjoy the peck-popping! Ryan Reynolds was so proud of the video, he shared it on Instagram, captioned, “Wanna win an Oscar? It helps to drastically and dangerously alter your body. I’m going to bench press the entire f***ing Academy on August 13th. #FreeGuy #Dude”

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    As for the theme song belonging to Mariah Carey’s ‘Fantasy,’ we all knew who had a hand in that. Carey’s son snuck up on Reynolds with wife Blake Lively to give them a scare, and his response? “Whoa. My vision board became a photo,” the father of three joked in the comments section of the post.

    Director Shawn Levy (Stranger Things) let us in on who might have had a hand in the theme song. “Credit where credit’s due. Ryan, when he was doing the earliest dialogue polishes on this screenplay, he was listening to Mariah in his home, and he wrote “Fantasy” into the script. And I go, ‘What’s this about?’, and he’s like ‘It just feels good.’ So literally, based on nothing but Ryan’s instinct, and the fact that that was one of his writing tracks in the revisions of Free Guy, we approached Team Mariah and it lead to that song being the signature track. Not only in the movie, but in the campaign for the movie. I’ll dangle one other easter egg, which is… actually I won’t. (laughter) I’m so f-ing sorry, dude. I’m really excited for you to see the movie, and you’ll realize that there’s a bunch of reasons why that track makes a lot of sense for the central protagonist. And there’s interesting ways that that track kind of gets played out in the movie.”

    In the open world video game ‘Free City.’ Guy (Reynolds) is a non-player character (NPC) working as a bank teller. Thanks to a program developed by programmers Millie (Comer) and Keys (Keery) inserted into ‘Free City.’ by the publisher Antoine (Waititi), Guy becomes self-aware of his world being a video game, and takes steps to make himself the hero, creating a race against time to save the game before the developers can shut it down. Catch it in the theaters August 13, 2021.

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