‘Ua City Smiths’ Sneak Peek: Trish Shares a Sad Story With Detective Mills & Nico (VIDEO)

    Ultra City Smiths is delivering one sad tale in its fourth episode, “The Little Baby Hand Pinky Grip,” and we have your first look.

    The AMC+ series is getting dramatic in a sneak peek clip featuring Detective David Mills (Jimmi Simpson), Nico Onasis (Chris Conrad), and Trish McSapphire (Debra Winger). Convening in a park, the men attempt to question Trish but are instead subjected to a depressing tale.

    “I’m sure you’ve heard the news about police station baby,” Trish begins the conversation before Detective Mills interrupts her. “Wait, we’re here about another matter, ma’am,” he says.

    The somber scene is overtaken by Trish’s storytelling though as she launches into a painful memory. “In order to lose someone, both people have to let go really,” she says, teeing up a vague personal story. “Do you know the little baby hand pinky grip thing? The way an infant holds onto a parent? Grasping all they can?” she asks Mills and Nico.

    Ultra City Smiths Season 1

    (Credit: AMC+)

    When they acknowledge the gesture Trish is referring to, she goes on to say: “My son held me that way.” What follows is a sad story that reveals something new about the mysterious character in this stop-motion animated series. Will the story help Mills uncover the disappearance of Ultra City’s magnate Carpenter K. Smith (Kurtwood Smith)? Check out the clip above, and tune into the latest episode on AMC+.

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