Night at the Museum Animated Sequel Will Arrive on Disney+ Sometime in 2022

    While it has been a while since the last Night At The Museum movie was released, fans of the franchise have always hoped that there would be another film somewhere down the line, but it reached the point where it just seemed that it was not meant to be. Then Shawn Levy’s 21 Laps Entertainment, the company behind the original trilogy as well as Stranger Things and Shadow and Bone, made the announcement that they would be continuing the story of the famous museum where the exhibits come to life in a new animated movie via Disney+. When promoting Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy recently, Shawn Levy spoke to Collider and revealed that the movie is expected to be released some time next year.

    Shawn Levy said in the interview, ” It is in production. Production in animation is a very different process. I am very actively hands on producing that. I’ve seen two of the three acts in animation form. It is somehow its own thing, but very, very loyal to the legacy of those characters in that title. So happening, and will be on Disney+ next year in 2022.”

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    The movie is currently titled Kahmunrah Rises Again, and the story moves the lead from Ben Stiller’s Larry Daley to his character’s son, Nick Daley, who is not sure if he should take over the role of night watchmen that his father held for a long time. As you would expect, when he tries out the role, he will discover that night at the museum is full of many unexpected events. Although the movie will see the return of many familiar characters from the franchise, it is not thought that they will be voiced by the same actors who portrayed them in the live action films.

    Night At The Museum and its sequels had performances from the likes of Owen Wilson, Hank Azaria, and of course the late Robin Williams. Exactly which characters will be seen and who will voice them in the Disney+ project is something that we will need wait until a little later down the line to find out.

    While being interviewed, Levy was also asked whether there will be any possibility of other fan favourite I’m Not Okay With This being resurrected after being cancelled by Netflix after just one season, but it was not good news on that front.

    “Currently, not. Dreams of a comeback in some form or format? Yes. But no current plan and that was kind of a heartbreaker of a lesson. It’s a reminder that sometimes you can make something really good and do your job right and still have no control over viewership or box office and outcome. So that’s one of those shows, like Dash and Lily, which just won a bunch of Daytime Emmys where it’s like we, and the team at 21 Laps, feel like we made the show we promised. We made the show we wanted. Not enough people watched and it is a cruel metric in the age of the streaming wars. And sometimes, if you don’t get the eyeballs, you don’t get to make more of the thing. That’s what happened there.”

    While I’m Not Okay With This joins the ranks of many series to have been given the chop recently, at least Night At The Museum fans have something to look forward to in the near future with the new animated reboot of the franchise.

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