Spider-Man: No Way Home: The 5 Best and 5 Worst Fan Theories

    With the dawn of another day, comes a new “leaker” insisting his superior position amongst the heads of Sony and Disney, claiming to have seen Spider-Man: No Way Home months before its actual release, or any trailer or sneak peek of any sort. This kind of behavior is common leading up to the release of any comic book, or franchise movie, or any project, with the absurd &WandaVision& theory stint, cold, hard proof of the statement. While anonymous theories have appeared in abundance in platforms like Reddit and 4Chan, which do sometimes prove to be reliable, not all of them have been as plausible, realistic or just as good as others. While some theories make fans wish that the upcoming movie follow this exact story, others have them praying for the opposite.

    Leaks and theories are always a hit-or-miss element. With social platforms such as Reddit and 4Chan becoming hubs for these theories and leaks, there is simply no way to prove their genuineness. Strangers ask their viewers to simply trust them, based on no proof, thus, the whole operation is as untrustworthy as it sounds. While, previously, in projects such as &WandaVision &and &The Falcon And The Winter Soldier,& fan theories and supposed leaks have been mostly fabrications, fans still hold out hope at the truth being in one. Fan theories are based on speculation and are a result of what may seem like endless waiting, and is also, either a hit, or a miss. Let’s look at some of each below.

    Best: The Live Action “Spider-Verse”

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Scene

    If the abundance of leaks and rumors are to be believed, some from very credible sources that have success in correctly predicting and leaking details from Marvel projects, as well as the abundance of memes and reports, then the live action “spider-verse” is set to finally see the day of light. This theory speculates the returns of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as versions of Spider-Man alongside Tom Holland, as they team up to stop the multiverse falling apart. There are reports that the two have been casted in their roles, along with the confirmed casting of Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus, and the reported casting of Jamie Foxx as a version of Electro which was seemingly confirmed in a now deleted Instagram post by Foxx himself. While Tom Holland himself has denied the theory very publicly, fans have their fingers crossed and it seems like they might finally be getting their way. Many Industry insiders and prominent leakers, have corroborated with the famous theory and for some, it’s a done deal. Fans can not wait to finally see Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield again.

    Worst: Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man Dies At The Start Of The Movie

    Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man(2002)

    New theories are posted on 4Chan seemingly by the hour, and a previous “leak” says that the movie starts with Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man swinging through New York City, chased by what is initially a blur. After swinging and webbing his way away from the “blur” trying to get to safety, the blur finally catches up to him, who is revealed to be Electro. Here, Electro unmasks him, and kills him, before the title reveal, setting the stage for the movie. However, fans quickly took to label this theory as one of the worst, as it would not make sense to kill such an awaited character simply to set the stage. And for the ending to follow it implies something as ridiculous as Doc Ock being a caretaker of refugees in a barren wasteland world, a parallel universe. This version of the movie ends horribly and proposes a below par plot, involving Peter opening the multiverse because he “feels bad.” However, it may be lackluster on the part of the wording of the leaker. One other leaker suggests that after killing Mysterio and being exposed to the public, Peter is in a vulnerable position. One of the spider-verse’s villains lies to Peter and takes advantage of his visible vulnerability to achieve his own ulterior motives and escape from the prison that Doctor Strange had put them in, which is not a popular theory.

    Best: Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin Masterminds The Whole Operation

    William Dafoe's Green Goblin from Spider-Man (2002)

    Keeping up with the daily dose of the 4Chan leak, this one is more exciting and interesting. This leak mentions an alternate universe, where Willem Dafoe’s Norman Osborn/Green Goblin is alive and aware of the multiverse, and seeks to conquer Tom Holland’s Spider-Man‘s earth after his own is left inhabitable. The theory introduces a new Norman Osborn into the mix, in Tom Holland’s earth, as a billionaire philanthropist without Green Goblin-esque sinister ulterior motive, simply manipulated by Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin, only to be killed for Willem Dafoe’s Norman to be unchallenged. This also involves a popular fan theory that the tower that once was the “Avenger’s Tower” is sold to Norman Osborn, and now becomes the headquarters of Oscorp, an iconic element of Spider-Man‘s comics. It is rumored that it is actually Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin who tricks and lies to Peter, in order to free himself and his mischievous counterparts i.e the sinister six, from a ‘prison’ in the sanctum sanctorum, which is confirmed to be a place that Peter visits in the movie, according to the first public photos from the movie.

    Worst: Spider-Man‘s Identity Being Revealed Is Not A Major Plot Point At All, And Is Easily Restored

    Tom Holland as Spider-Man in Far From Home (2019)

    Many variations of this theory have popped up every now and then, and it was not taken too well by the general public, and for good reason. Blowing off one of the most unexpected Spider-Man twists ever, and making it one of the biggest let down tease of comic book movie history does not seem like something Sony or Disney would consider doing. One anonymous leaker suggests that Doctor Strange’s magic would be used to convince the whole world of Peter Parker not being Spider-Man, seemingly instantaneously and somewhat comically. Another “leaked scene” was that a big courtroom scene and cases against Peter Parker would have some results. This comes as one of the worst theories, as the final twist in Spider-Man: Far From Home was Mysterio revealing Peter Parker as Spider-Man, and being hailed as a national hero for doing so by the Daily Bugle.

    Best: Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdoch/ Daredevil Will Appear As Peter’s Lawyer

    Marvel's Daredevil as Tom Holland's Lawyer?

    This theory says that the opening scenes of the movie will consist of Peter Parker involved in a big court case, against him for the murder of Mysterio and damage to public property, as well as orchestrating the attacks seen in Spider-Man: Far From Home. At this time, when seemingly no lawyers are ready to take his case, Charlie Cox, a fan favorite for his portrayal of Daredevil in the Netflix series, will return in the titular role and playing his daytime lawyer part, will represent Peter Parker in this case. The theory also goes to say that Peter will lose this case due to the fact he will be on the run, and go to Doctor Strange to ask for help. Doctor Strange will then agree to help Aunt May, but not Peter, as it would distract him from analyzing fractures in time, and threat of multiversal wars, thus introducing the “Spider-Verse” into the mix as well, thus setting the whole movie in motion. While the latter part of the theory may not be perfect, the element of Charlie Cox’s sensational return as Daredevil, after fan outcry to save the Netflix show, is a tantalizing prospect.

    Worst: Peter Parker Will Make A Deal With Mephisto To Protect Himself, Which Will End Up Damaging Him More Than Helping Him

    Tom Holland's Spider-Man

    After hearing a lot about Mephisto during the time of &WandaVision&, he suddenly finds himself back into the mix, in this theory that suggests that Peter Parker will go to make a deal with the devil in order to clear his name… and Mephisto agrees to do it. Only on the condition that the memories of his friends such as Ned and MJ will also be erased of them ever even knowing Peter, he takes a raincheck as Doctor Strange asks him to help in the multi-verse cracking open for previous versions of Spider-Men and their villains to fall out. &This theory is ruined by the mention of Mephisto, who was highly rumored to appear in &WandaVision& to such an extent that him not appearing was memed highly and is used as a precedent for fans to not believe every “leak” and theory that comes along on the internet. Introducing a character such as Mephisto so out of the blue and in a Spider-Man movie, when he could be properly fit into the story in future projects seems like a bad course for the Spider-Man movies to take, and one that is hoped by the fans that Sony and Disney will not consider taking.

    Best: The Reality Is Fractured By Wanda Trying To Find Her Kids, And The Movie Ends To Set Up Doctor Strange: And The Multiverse Of Madness

    Wanda and Vision from Disney+ Series

    This theory showcases the incredible world-building that Marvel is set to put in motion. The theory suggests that Wanda Maximoff, after losing her kids in the events of &WandaVision& seeks to get them back after learning new magic from the Darkhold. This attempt to change reality and bring her kids back weakens the fabric of the multiverse, and it clashes in &Spider-Man: No Way Home. &After the events of the movie, which, hopefully, see Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield making a sensational result to fight villains from both the past and the future, the result is an overlapping of alternate realities. So many realities are mixed within each other that the sorcerer supreme has to step in and solve it, as the situation worsens in &Doctor Strange And The Multiverse Of Madness&, showcasing an excellent plan for world-building and one that involves endless possibilities.

    Worst: The Main Villain Will Be Kraven The Hunter, And No Spider-Verse Will Happen

    Aunt May and Tom Holland's Peter Parker

    This theory certainly breaks unwritten rules by proposing a &Spider-Man: No Way Home &where there is no Spider-Verse. Suggesting that the main villain of the film will be Kraven The Hunter, an iconic Spider-Man villain. It goes as far as to suggest that Happy and Aunt May will be arrested, and an ‘astral’ version of Doctor Strange will aid Peter in the movie, as Remy and Chef Gusteau in &Ratatouille,& and completely disregards all murmurs for a live action spider-verse. Instead, this theorist says that Peter will be an MIT student living alone in an apartment nearing the end of the film. Further theorizing that Alfred Molina will not be playing Doctor Octopus, but rather a senator, against proper treatment for beings with super-hero powers. With Molina seemingly confirming his return and role as Doctor Octopus, this theory did not gain enough traction, and is absolutely not a certainty.

    Best: The Sinister Six Come In To The Mix

    Spider-Man: No Way Home - Sinister Six Poster

    This theory states that amongst the film’s predicted numerous villains, the movie will bring together one of the most iconic group of Spider-Man villains, The Sinister Six. Building upon the Rhino tease in &The Amazing Spider-Man 2&, this theory says that a sinister six will form, comprising of villains such as Green Goblin and even The Lizard. While variations of this theory, citing returns of characters such as Sandman and Electro have popped up now and then, they seem to being closer to reality. By the confirmed casting of Alfred Molina, and the all-but-confirmed-but-also-confirmed casting of Jamie Foxx we see the theories plausibility. With Norman Osborn masterminding the whole operation, fans are hungry for more Spider-Man and fingers crossed, the Spider-Men will have one heck of a fight.

    &Worst: Spider-Man Will Be In Prison For The Majority Of The Movie

    Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon in Spider-Man: No Way Home

    One theory states that Peter Parker, in an aftermath of his identity reveal, is put in prison as he awaits a trial. There he is trying to dodge multiple attacks on him by inmates, including villains. As he awaits the trial he simply has ‘no way home.’ A more obscure theory, this one bodes unlikely and insensible as this restricts a large portion of the movie. Having Spider-Man locked up in prison, in a Spider-Man movie, seems like a huge barrier for a movie that so many fans expect to be a realization of their ‘spider-verse’ dreams. Given the circumstances, and the fact that Spider-Man ends up being in a very populated place when his identity was revealed, he might go to prison… Using a simple montage of some of his moments in prison, or using prison as a comedic tool, in some way may play. For example, larger, more muscular and ‘macho’ inmates being scared and terrified of Peter Parker, could work. Regardless, one thing is for sure, prison should not dominate a large portion of the movie.

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