The Rock’s Big Trouble in Little China Reboot Is Still Happening

    It’s just a matter of time before we get a sequel to Big Trouble in Little China, as Dwayne Johnson and his producing partner Hiram Garcia are refusing to let this one go. For several years, there have been reports of Johnson developing a new take on the classic John Carpenter movie through his Seven Bucks Productions movie studio. In 2018, Garcia clarified that the idea was to make a sequel that serves as a continuation of the original.

    No major updates have really come about since, and Seven Bucks Productions has been keeping busy with other projects. In a new interview with Collider, Garcia opened up about the current status of the Big Trouble in Little China sequel, reiterating that it will not be a remake of Carpenter’s version. He also suggests that there are some rights issues getting in the way, but nevertheless, Garcia says he and Dwayne Johnson will be keeping at it until it happens. From the interview:

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    “It’s still an ambition of ours but unfortunately there are complications that come with a legacy property like that which has so much attached to it from over the years. We have a really fun idea on what we’d want to do with it, especially since our goal was never to remake Big Trouble but simply continue it. Similar to what we did with Jumanji we would continue the story and make sure the original stands on it’s own since it means so much to us and fans all around the world. So needless to say we are still working on making that happen but as with any great project the road is not easy but we are sticking to it! We’re going to figure out a way to continue the story of Big Trouble in Little China.”

    Garcia also agrees with the notion that John Carpenter isn’t one to mince words, especially when it comes to how he feels about reboots of his movies. He has made it clear he’s not a fan of Rob Zombie’s Halloween movies, though he’s on board with the Blumhouse sequels. While Garcia notes how Carpenter will always tell you exactly how he feels, he adds that this is what makes the legendary director “so great.”

    Back in 2018, John Carpenter did offer his thoughts on the planned movie. At the time, he said he still hadn’t spoken to Johnson about the project and wasn’t quite sure what to make of it just yet. Even so, he admitted that he was happy to get on board with it if they offered him a check with enough zeroes on it.

    “It’s very early in the process. I haven’t spoken to Dwayne Johnson about any of this,” Carpenter told Speakeasy. “I’m ambivalent about a remake. On the other hand, it depends on how much they pay me.”

    Fortunately, it’s not going to be a remake, which is good news because recasting Kurt Russell as Jack Burton seems like a very bad idea. A continuation also means that a cameo from Russell in the role isn’t out of the question. You can read the full interview with Garcia at Collider.

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