The Suicide Squad Fans Champion Sylvester Stallone’s King Shark for Stealing the Show

    The Suicide Squad is out now in theaters and on HBO Max, and King Shark has been trending as one of the movie’s standout characters. Though his motion capture was performed by Steve Agee, who also plays Belle Reve warden John Economos, King Shark was voiced by screen legend Sylvester Stallone. The hungry, man-eating anthropomorphic shark emerged as a fan favorite when he first appeared in the trailer and fans seem to now love him that much more after catching the full performance.

    “@JamesGunn’s The Suicide Squad is bloody fantastic. The perfect mix of action, humor, and all-around comic book goodness. King Shark steals the show! Definitely one of my favorite DC films to date,” tweeted one fan.

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    Another fan tweeted, “Just got out a little bit ago from the 7 o’clock showing. Really was a lot of fun. Had a good bit of heart to it too. Peacemaker had some great moments, but king shark steals the whole movie.”

    Praising the movie as a whole but labeling King Shark as the standout, another fan said, “The Suicide Squad‘s stylistic hyper-violence entertains, James Gunn’s sense of humor & inner weirdness shines in this bonkers and colorful adventure. A talented director assembling a crew of misfits, exactly what The Suicide Squad should be all about… King Shark is the best btw.”

    Addicted to the character and hoping to see him again elsewhere in the DCEU, someone else wrote, “No matter what you say, #KingShark was by far the most loveable and entertaining character in The Suicide Squad. I NEED TO SEE HIM AGAIN SOMEWHERE IDK AQUAMAN 2? THE THE SUICIDE SQUAD? JUST SOMEWHERE!”

    Primarily an adversary to Aquaman, King Shark has been appearing in DC Comics comic books since 1994. The character has become more popular than ever in recent years, due in part to being featured on the hit animated series Harley Quinn with Ron Funches voicing the role. Gunn turning Nanaue into a big star on the big screen with the release of The Suicide Squad has only further made King Shark bigger than ever.

    Initially, Gunn planned on using a hammerhead shark for King Shark in The Suicide Squad, inspired by his appearance in the comic books. The decision was made to go with the great white shark design as it was too awkward for his eyes to be so far apart when presented in a live-action setting. Because Gunn was already shooting The Suicide Squad before Harley Quinn debuted, the similarities in the different incarnations of King Shark are just a coincidence.

    “I did tests with the hammerhead design, which I love & originally thought I’d use. But having eyes on the sides far apart made it incredibly awkward shooting interactions with other people. You couldn’t really see him looking at the other person & the shots tended to be too wide,” Gunn said on Twitter. “But I was insistent on the dad-bod from the beginning as I didn’t think King Shark would have such mammalian body structure.”

    You can’t argue with results, and fans are clearly loving Sylvester Stallone as King Shark in The Suicide Squad. The movie is now playing in theaters and streaming on HBO Max. You can see what other fans are saying about King Shark on Twitter.

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