John Cena Fans Can’t Wait to See More Peacemaker in The Suicide Squad HBO Max Spinoff

    The Suicide Squad is now in theaters and on HBO Max, and one takeaway for many viewers is that John Cena absolutely killed it as Peacemaker. Hitting very well with fans and critics alike, The Suicide Squad is getting a lot of praise for its ensemble cast. Some are saying this role has been the best yet for Cena, and even those who were apprehensive about the F9 star’s involvement are now beyond stoked to see his return in James Gunn’s Peacemaker series.

    “After John Cena’s amazing performance in The Suicide Squad I’m really excited for the Peacemaker series! Also can’t wait to see Vigilante in live action!” one fan wrote on Twitter.

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    Unhappy with Cena’s role in F9 but impressed with Peacemaker, another fan tweeted: “There is a galaxy-level difference between John Cena’s acting in The Suicide Squad and John Cena’s acting in F9: The Fast Saga. I’ll put it another way: now I’m very excited to see him in the Peacemaker show.”

    John Cena as Peacemaker was completely different from what I was expecting. He was fantastic and I’m looking forward to that TV show,” says someone else.

    “The Peacemaker show is going to be an absolute banger,” writes another fan. “John Cena’s performance was one of the many spotlights in The Suicide Squad and I have no doubt that he’s going to be just as fantastic. Not to mention the insane writing James Gunn brings to the table.”

    And another fan offers more praise for Cena by writing, “I’ll also say that this is BY FAR John Cena’s best performance of his career. After seeing his wooden performance as the ‘villain’ in F9, he absolutely shines here. Peacemaker is the PERFECT role for him, highlighting his comedic timing (Ok hand) as well as his dramatic chops.”

    Of all of the wildly interesting characters in The Suicide Squad, Cena’s Peacemaker was the only one to be given a spinoff series. In the works at HBO Max, the show recently wrapped filming its 8-episode first season ahead of its launch on the streamer early next year. Better yet, it sounds like Peacemaker could be even more insane than what fans just saw in The Suicide Squad.

    “I would venture to say that Peacemaker actually turns up the volume on anything that you see in The Suicide Squad,” Cena recently told Entertainment Weekly. “I want people to enjoy The Suicide Squad and I really think they will. Once they get a feel for these characters they’re going to want more and that’s where Peacemaker picks up.”

    Along with Cena, The Suicide Squad features a large ensemble cast that also includes Margot Robbie, Idris Elba, Sylvester Stallone, Viola Davis, Joel Kinnaman, Jai Courtney, Peter Capaldi, Michael Rooker, Daniela Melchior, David Dastmalchian, Alice Braga, Pete Davidson, Nathan Fillion, Sean Gunn, and Flula Borg. James Gunn wrote and directed the movie after Warner Bros. and DC gave him free reign to develop the story however he wanted. Perhaps they’ve learned a thing or two from Justice League.

    The Suicide Squad is now available in theaters and on HBO Max. Peacemaker will premiere exclusively on HBO Max in January 2022. You can also catch Cena back on WWE programming these days, and you can see what other fans are saying about his performance in The Suicide Squad on Twitter.

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