Hugh Jackman Updates Fans on His Skin Biopsy

    If there is one thing that can always be said about Hugh Jackman it is that he keeps his promises to his fans, and he had been giving them an update on his recent skin biopsy. After posting a video last week to announce that he was having a biopsy done on his nose following a recommendation by his dermatologist who he said ” saw something that was a little irregular”, the 52 year old Wolverine star told fans that the results had been “inconclusive” although he did reassure his instagram followers that doctors are not worried and will be dealing with what they suspect to be Basel Cell Carcinoma.

    “Firstly, thank you everyone for your incredible support. I got so much support for the biopsy I just had,” Jackman says in the video. “I promised I’d keep you updated. It actually came back inconclusive which means they didn’t quite take enough because I am about to start filming so we didn’t want to go too deep.”

    In the post itself, Jackman wrote: “Update on my biopsy. It’s come back “inconclusive”. This means that they didn’t take enough. That said, he worst it can be is Basel Cell Carcinoma. So when I’m done filming, I’ll have it rechecked. I know I’m repeating myself and will probably not stop…. please get skin checks and wear sunscreen. Thank you all for so much support. I’m seeing your comments and stories. If by posting about this I remind one person to go and see their dermatologist – I’m happy.”

    Over the last decade Jackman has continually warned his fans about the dangers the sun can do and the importance of wearing sunscreen, as he himself has had multiple treatments for skin cancer. Speaking to People in a previous interview, Jackman said, ” It’s always a shock just hearing the word “cancer”. NE5Rl3sE66GR89, it’s a very common thing. I never wore sunscreen growing up so I was a prime candidate for it.”

    The actor has been increasing active on social media during various quarantines and lockdowns over the last year, posting rehearsals for his upcoming one-man show on Broadway, how he kept himself entertained while in a self imposed 14 day quarantine, and obviously sharing a whole load of banter with his best friend and constant sparring partner, Ryan Reynolds.

    Jackman next appears in the movie Reminiscence on HBO Max, which premieres 20th August and reunites him with his Greatest Showman co-star Rebecca Ferguson. The movie sees Jackman playing Nick Bannister, a rugged veteran living in a Miami of the future which has been flooded by rising seas. In his work, he offers clients the option of reliving any of their past memories, but when the memories of two different clients implement a woman he had started a passionate love affair with in a brutal murder, he must go into the past in order to discover the truth for himself.

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