Morbius Director Seemingly Spoils Big Marvel Cameo Crossover for The Living Vampire

    Kevin Feige may have a tight leash on his filmmakers when it comes to spoilers, but it looks like Sony’s Marvel Universe directors don’t get quite the same pep talk about secrecy and speaking to the media. Morbius helmer Daniel Espinosa seems to have dropped a Venom shaped ball in a recent interview with Swedish site MovieZine. We have already been given sight of a coming together of Spider-Man villains, with Morbius‘ first trailer showing Michael Keaton’s Adrian “The Vulture” Toomes, as seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming, making an appearance, and while we are awaiting Tom Hardy’s return as Eddie Brock in Venom: Let There Be Carnage, the filmmaker looks to have spoiled a future appearance by Venom in Morbius when it arrives in January 2022.

    In his MovieZine interview when asked about directing big stars, Espinosa said, “It usually feels strange before the day begins, when you look at the schedule and stand on the set yourself. When you walk around there, the recording looks just like a Swedish production, but then when you look at the schedule and read names like Michael Keaton, Jared Leto, Tom Hardy, then it feels cool and very exciting. But once you start working, it’s exactly the same thing. An actor wants a director and actors want to be directed.”

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    While Espinosa has worked with Hardy previously, including him in the same sentence has Keaton and Leto without any prompting does suggest that the Venom actor was on his mind and raises the question of whether we will be seeing Eddie Brock turn up in Morbius in some way. This would certainly fit with the rumored leaks already out there about the living vampire’s upcoming movie.

    Last year it was claimed that a fellow inmate of Toomes, Mac Gargan, played by Michael Mandolin, escapes from prison along with Cletus Kasady, but we now know that Woody Harrelson’s Carnage will actually be out and about in Venom: Let There Be Carnage, so exactly how aligned this theory is we will have to wait a little longer to find out.

    What is known is that there is, and always has been a plan to bring the Sony Marvel Universe and the MCU together, and it looks like much of that connection is going to be dealt with in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Sony’s President Sanford Panitch has previously suggested that there is “actually a plan” to connect the universes and the link between them will be explained in the upcoming outing of Spidey.

    Similar to the possible crossover of Venom and Morbius, Venom: Let There Be Carnage director Andy Serkis has already hinted that we could get to see a number of villains making brief appearances in the movie when Eddie Brook pays a visit to Ravencroft Institute For The Criminally Insane. Considering Morbius was meant to have a crossover one-shot comic with Venom and Spider-Man back in the early 1990s, the likelihood of the pair meeting in Sony’s Marvel Universe is almost a given. All will be revealed as these movies begin to roll out over the next six months.

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