Dinner in America Trailer Takes a Punk Rock Trip Through the Decaying Midwest Suburbs

    The first trailer for Dinner in America takes us back to a time of edgy youth movies from the late 1980s and 1990s. &&The story is set in a small town in Michigan. It follows Simon, played by Kyle Gallner, the lead singer of a band called Psy Ops. Simon is going through a rough time with his fellow bandmates because of musical differences. So he turns to making money through selling weed and taking part in big pharma medical experiments. Dinner in America also has Emily Skeggs, who plays quirky Patty, a girl that likes to take indistinct Polaroids of herself “enjoying ” Simon’s music, and then sending them to him via the mailbox address on the band’s flyers. &

    What happens after that is a roller coaster ride of youth-driven chaos, fun and heartbreak. Especially after Simon gets into trouble for setting a fire. Patty comes to the rescue and protects him from the police. After all, what else is a number one fan suppose to do? The title comes from Simon’s most famous song called Dinner in American.&The movie has the feel of most indie/coming of age stories, but with much more depth to it. Not to mention a series of very uncomfortably dinner scenes with different sets of parents.

    Dinner in America is written and directed by Adam Rehmeier. He is known for his work on The Bunny Game (2011) and Jonas (2013). This film however is very different from his others, and is gaining a huge positive response on Rotten Tomatoes and several other move websites. &

    The trailer is intriguing. Almost immediately, you are drawn to these characters and actors. Currently the film has been released overseas and is set to hit VOD at the end of the year. However with many movies being pushed back, we could see an early release date in America. For fans of movies like Empire Records, Igby Goes Down and Perks of Being A Wallflower, it should be worth the wait. &

    Another interesting fact about Dinner in America is that the main song was written by Emily Skeggs, who plays the character Patty as well as Rehmeier. & “Everybody kept asking, ‘What’s the song going to be?’ It’s a very important moment in the movie. It needs to be absolutely right or the film will fall apart.” Rehmeier said.

    “You need know who the vessel is going to be before you can write the song,” he says. “I could’ve gone to the studio and recorded the song ahead of time, but I don’t think it would’ve had the weight that it has. Emily provided lyrics for the song in character. She wrote as Patty in the film. We sat together and structured the song around a very simple riff because in the film, the characters put the song together in about 25 minutes. They sit down and record it and it just sort of comes out of them.”& Clearly music is a driving force behind the film from the story to the actual soundtrack of original songs. &

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