‘Jeopardy!’ Champion Matt Amodio Is Now 4th Highest Regular Season Earner

    Sportscaster Joe Buck kicked off his week as Jeopardy! guest host on Monday but, once again, it is the show’s current champion, Matt Amodio, who is stealing all the headlines.

    Following Monday’s episode, Amodio is now the fourth-highest regular season earner in the show’s history, accumulating a total of $440,600 across his 14 appearances. He had already overtaken past champion Julie Collins ($428,100) last week to land number five on the list, and now he has jumped ahead of David Madden ($430,400) to secure spot number four.

    While some fans were initially put off by Amodio’s tendency to answer “what is?” to every question regardless of the correct grammar, his impressive performance has won most of them around. “Highly invested in @AmodioMatt’s Jeopardy run. It’s appointment viewing at this point,” tweeted one viewer, while another stated, “I’m in awe watching him effortlessly know so much about so many topics.”

    Even the other contestants wanted to see Amodio continue his winning streak. “Just keep going and make us look even better,” said one of his opponents at the end of Monday’s episode.

    However, the graduate student from New Haven, Connecticut, is not getting cocky, as he too is shocked at his astounding run. After officially landing the fourth spot on the overall earners’ list, Amodio shared his thoughts on Twitter, complimenting his “brilliant” and “talented” opponents.

    The question now is, how long can Amodio keep going? He would need to earn more than $532,496 to knock Jason Zuffranieri from the third position. It’s a feat that could be possible given Amodio’s frequent big money Double Jeopardy wagers. However, it’s going to be a lot tougher to overtake the top two spots held by James Holzhauer and Ken Jennings, who stand at $2,462,216 and $2,520,700, respectively.

    During Monday’s show, current host Buck joked with self-confessed Cleveland Indians fans Amodio about his team losing the World Series to the Chicago Cubs in 2016. While the defeat still stings, Amodio praised Buck as a host, tweeting, “You were so darn good hosting #jeopardy tonight,” before adding, “But next time you better be calling a Cleveland win.”

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