‘Leverage: Redemption,’ ‘Sex/Life’ & More Shows on the Rise in July

    As it does every month, Parrot Analytics rounded up the digital original series that grew most in demand, and the top 10 climbers from June to July are an exercise in extremes.

    The fastest risers in streaming TV demand over the past month range from lustful to Looney, with the erotic drama Sex/Life sidling up to Disney animation Monsters at Work and the sexy reality competition Too Hot to Handle edging out Bugs Bunny & Co.’s Looney Tunes Cartoons.

    Meanwhile, existing IP was the name of the game, with most of these titles based on beloved books, movies, comics, and cartoons. But the fledgling streaming platform IMDb TV was able to leverage some serious nostalgia. Leverage: Redemption, an update of the 2010s-era TNT action drama, is No. 1 by a mile, with demand leaping more than 720 percent.

    Here’s the rest of the list, and be sure to check out the top 10s for June, May, and April.

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