‘Superman & Lois’: Stacey Farber Teases Leslie and Lois’ Season 1 Finale Confrontation

    [Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Superman & Lois Season 1 Episode 14 “The Eradicator.”]

    Leslie Larr (Stacey Farber) hasn’t had much to say as she’s stood by Morgan Edge’s (Adam Rayner) side throughout Superman & Lois Season 1, but that’s going to change with the finale.

    Leslie may once again be locked up at the end of “The Eradicator,” but the logline for the season-ender teases a confrontation between her and Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch). “It was my favorite scene to film from the whole season,” Farber tells TV Insider. “Leslie says very little throughout the show. She’s sort of there by Edge’s side glaring at people generally, unless she’s attacking someone in the later episodes. Leslie finally uses her voice more and I really enjoyed that.”

    That was new for Farber, who’s used to having more to say in her other roles in emotional dramas (such as Virgin River). Still, “I love playing a villain, and that was difficult, too,” she continues. “It was also really hard to communicate without words. It was a lot of death stares, basically, everywhere I went.”

    Throughout the season, we’ve seen her loyalty to Edge, and it doesn’t sound like we should expect that to change. “She is totally aligned with Morgan Edge and supports him fully and is very loyal to his mission,” Farber says. “I don’t think anything could change that for her.”

    In “The Eradicator,” prior to being taken back into custody, Leslie did attempt to take out Lois in a very similar fashion to the way Tulloch’s character died on John Henry’s (Wolé Parks) Earth. (John Henry saved this Lois). “I personally think Leslie could take down Lois and I also think Leslie knows that and believes that fully,” Farber says.

    However, she does admit that her character “probably would respect Lois as an independent, ambitious, intelligent woman who’s going after what she wants. They’re similar in that respect. But I think she’s so committed to her cause that she only sees Lois as an obstacle and as a threat.”

    Before that, Leslie faced off with John Henry, and Farber has loved filming fight sequences on Superman & Lois. “I had worked on something years ago where I played a CIA agent, which sounds ridiculous, but it was one episode of [The Brave] and I got to do some stunt training and I had to learn how to fire a gun,” she recalls. “There was all this choreography and I had never done that before. I don’t even consider myself a particularly athletic person. I don’t even work out a lot. And I know a lot of actors who dream of playing these roles and end up playing these roles are super fit and super into all of that.”

    'Superman & Lois' Stars Stacey Farber and Adam Rayner

    Bettina Strauss/The CW

    She’d hoped to get the chance to do that again, and then came the role of Leslie Larr. “It’s incredible. I downloaded the CW app — that’s a plug for the app — and it was awesome because I got to re-watch extended versions of the episodes and I was sort of laughing to myself at how quick these sequences fly by and they’re amazing to watch,” she says. “But they take so long to film and it’s sort of shocking to me how quick they cut together because we spent hours and hours and hours and days working on these things. There’s stunt doubles and wires and green screens. I have to go in early to learn how to fake fly on a wire or learn how to throw a punch so that it looks good on camera and we’ve put all of this time and energy — which I love, I think it’s so fun — but when it actually shows up on screen, it’s remarkable how short it is. It’s seconds. It’s wild.”

    Being part of a series based on comic book characters was new for Farber, too. “I hadn’t really watched comic book things before. The comics that I read growing up were Archie comics,” she admits. “So this whole world was new to me and very overwhelming. I even had to Wikipedia Krypton because I didn’t know anything about it. But Todd [Helbing], the showrunner, I think trying to put it into an easier language for me to understand, was like, ‘She’s a metahuman. She’s Kryptonian. She’s had a Kryptonian personality or mentality put into a human from Smallville or Metropolis’ body… You know those women where you’re like, can’t she just smile? She’s just so miserable all the time. Kryptonians are cold. There’s a lack of emotion sometimes.’”

    If you’re wondering if that will change with the finale, the answer is it won’t. “Will this woman ever smile? And the answer is no, she won’t,” Farber says. “And so I never did.”

    Superman & Lois, Season 1 Finale, Tuesday, August 17, 9/8c, The CW

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