Ryan Reynolds Hints at Deadpool’s Inevitable Return in the MCU

    Just ahead of the release of Free Guy in theaters, Ryan Reynolds spoke about his plans for what’s coming next for Deadpool. After starring as Wade Wilson in two Deadpool movies, Reynolds will reprise the role in an upcoming third movie that’s in the works with screenwriters Wendy Molyneaux and Lizzie Molyneaux-Loegin. As of now, however, no release date is on the board for Deadpool 3 with no indication of when the sequel will arrive.

    Reynolds, the Deadpool star, made a surprise appearance as Deadpool in a new ad for Free Guy. Also featured in the promo was Korg from Thor: Ragnarok with the two teaming up to create a “reaction video” where they watch the Free Guy trailer. Technically, it’s our first sneak peek at Deadpool in the MCU after the character was acquired by Disney. As for when we’ll see Deadpool in a movie again, Reynolds doesn’t know, as he must first make sure the occasion is more than perfect.

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    “Deadpool, for me, is kind of like an anxiety inducing tightrope walk. I always think when I’ve got Deadpool just right, I’m speaking from experience from Deadpool 1 & 2, that I need to make it 30 to 40% percent better than it already it is,” Reynolds told “Even if I’m at the moment where I’m like, ‘This is perfect, this moment!’ Then, I stop and I go, ‘Okay, this has to be 30% better than it already is.’ It’s a stressful thing to get right, or at least right as far as I’m concerned.”

    He added: “So, no, I never really thought about it but I did love the idea of playing with Deadpool and Korg in some of the marketing materials given the fact that Taika [Waititi] and I are in the movie. So, I kinda got to scratch the itch, inevitably anyway.”

    It’s inevitable that we’ll see Deadpool back on the big screen. The big question is if we’ll have to wait until he’s leading his own solo movie again for Deadpool 3 or if he’ll first show up elsewhere in the MCU with a special appearance in another character’s movie. From his point of view, Ryan Reynolds sees both options as possibilities, and what’s important is to make sure that his next move is unexpected.

    “I think both are pretty warranted,” Reynolds explained. “I think you’re always gonna zig when everybody’s expecting you to zag when it comes to that character. As long as Disney’s open to doing some pretty wildly divergent or having some wildly divergent uses of Deadpool then I dig it, man. I think it’s all great.”

    Directed by Shawn Levy, Free Guy stars Reynolds as a non-player character in an open world video game who takes action to step out of the background to become the hero of the story before the game gets shut down for good. Along with Reynolds, the movie stars Jodie Comer, Lil Rel Howery, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Joe Keery, and Taika Waititi. Late Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek makes a posthumous cameo as well. Early reactions to the Free Guy are mostly positive, indicating that Reynolds will bring another August hit to theaters.

    Free Guy will be released in theaters on Aug. 13. We’ll just have to keep on waiting when it comes to Deadpool 3, as there’s still no official release date set for that project. Filming is not likely to begin before late 2022, so it could be a bit of a wait on that one. This news comes to us from ComicBook.

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