Stephen Amell, Alexander Ludwig & the ‘Heels’ Cast Dig Into Their Characters (VIDEO)

    We got into the ring with the cast of new Starz drama Heels, which centers on two wrestler brothers: family man Jack Spade (Stephen Amell, Arrow) and younger, rebellious Ace (Alexander Ludwig, Vikings). The tough guys feel the pressure as stars of their late father’s Duffy Wrestling League, the central entertainment in the family’s small Georgia hometown.

    “Jack’s been thrust into a leadership position, and there are bumps in the road,” Amell says of his character, who writes the scripts for each match, which includes a “heel” or villain, and a “face” or hero. The “face” is Ace, who, Ludwig says, is “is an explosive personality and a rollercoaster of emotions.”

    But it’s not just a man’s world. Ace’s valet and girlfriend Crystal (Kelli Berglund, Now Apocalypse) has dreams too. “Crystal wants to get in the ring and wrestle and prove to these guys that she can go toe-to-toe with them,” Berglund says. Jack’s wife Staci (Alison Luff, New Amsterdam) is finding herself now that their son is in school, and, Luff promises, “develops her own interests.”

    The roster of the DWL also features big, entertaining characters like intimidating Apocalypse (onetime Steelers linebacker James Harrison Jr.). “Being a tough guy is one thing that translates from wrestling to football,” Harrison says. And energetic Rooster Robbins (Allen Maldonado, The Last O.G.) who’s, “waiting for his shot.”

    Ace gets his chance at stardom thanks to the attention of pro wrestling scout and former superstar heel Wild Bill Hancock (Chris Bauer, True Blood) who makes a big splash when he comes to town. “He’s decided the entire world is a wrestling ring,” Bauer says. His arrival disrupts the tidy life of his ex, Jack’s biz partner Willie (Mary McCormack, The West Wing). “When he comes back, and needs her, it’s all upside down,” McCormack says.

    Check out the video for jaw-dropping clips of the explosive wrestling action, intense emotional moments, and more insider revelations from the stars.

    Heels, Series Premiere, Sunday, August 15, 9/8c, Starz

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