‘To Tell the Truth’ Sneak Peek: Nico Santos, Kate Flannery & Joel McHale Talk Jazzercise (VIDEO)

    Three comedy stars — Nico Santos (Superstore), Kate Flannery (The Office), and Joel McHale (Community) — are on the celebrity panel of To Tell the Truth in the August 15 episode, so you can definitely expect plenty of laughs. After all, they’re delving into the world of jazzercise in TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek.

    “Richard Simmons, what was he doing in the ’80s?” host Anthony Anderson quizzes the third contestant in this group of three who claim to be the founder of jazzercise. “I never sat in on one of his classes, so I really don’t know what he does,” she replies. “Did he just sweat to the oldies?” Flannery wonders.

    Then Santos interjects with this own question for the third contestant: “Be honest: Do you have beef with Richard Simmons?” Her response: “There’s a lot of competition out there and everybody tries to start their own jazzercise class, but there’s really only one, and that’s mine.”

    'To Tell the Truth' Celebrity Panel

    ABC/Christopher Willard

    Santos then asks the second contestant if there’s actual jazz in jazzercise. “Yes, it’s based in jazz dance,” she says.

    Watch the clip above for more from the celebrity panel as they ask the contestants to name their favorite jazz musicians.

    Also, in the fun ABC game show, Santos, Flannery, and McHale will be trying to figure out who’s a rocket scientist, a celebrity impersonator agent, a cat lawyer, and a horse dentist as they grill the participants.

    To Tell the Truth, Sundays, 10/9c, ABC

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