‘Hit & Run’ Is the Tense, Globe-Hopping Thriller You Need Right Now

    Buckle up for a tense, globe-hopping thriller that will have you double-checking what’s in the rearview mirror. Fauda’s Lior Raz plays Segev Azulai, a former Israeli special forces operative turned tour guide “living his best life, doing a job that he loves with his beautiful American wife,” says exec producer Dawn Prestwich. “Then it all goes to hell.”

    As the title suggests, Danielle (Kaelen Ohm), his love, is killed by a speeding car. “It seems like an accident at first,” adds fellow exec producer Nicole Yorkin, “but soon it’s Segev’s job to figure out what really happened.”

    In New York, Danielle’s hometown, Segev looks for answers to two questions: Who killed her? And, after discovering disturbing secrets about the woman he married, another painful one — did she love him, or was she just using him?

    Getting to the truth becomes paramount for Segev. “He doesn’t want to fight anymore. He just wanted to have fun with his new wife, the only person who [could] actually make him a better person,” Raz explains, adding that he will now “do everything he has to do” to protect his young daughter.

    Hit & Run, Season 1, Netflix Lior Raz

    (Credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

    That instinct may bring out the violent tendencies he’s been suppressing. A fish-out-of-water in New York, Segev turns to PTSD-plagued Army buddy Ron (Gal Toren) and investigative reporter Naomi (Sanaa Lathan), a former flame, for help in his quest. But, warns Raz, “You don’t know who to trust.”

    Hit & Run, Streaming now, Netflix

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