Marvel’s What If…? Teases Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa in Upcoming Episodes

    It’s official! Chadwick Boseman will be returning as T’Challa in the next episode of the new Disney+ series, What If…?. Marvel Studios has released a brand new character poster of T’Challa as Star-Lord for the upcoming episode releasing this Wednesday. What If…? is an American animated anthology series based on the Marvel Comics series of the same name. Check out the recently released poster below!

    Marvel’s What If…? explores alternate timelines in the multiverse that shows what would happen if major moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe had occurred differently. This week’s upcoming episode will re-imagine T’Challa’s life, veering away from his destiny as the Black Panther as he will become the boy selected to be taken into outer space by the Ravagers, and grow up to be the famous Star-Lord. Marvel fans around the world are definitely excited to see the official merging of both Black Panther and the Guardians of the Galaxy. When the trailers for What If…? had first dropped, Marvel fans were openly emotional to hear the voice of Chadwick Boseman and his performance of T’Challa one last time.

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    Last week, during the series premiere of Marvel’s What If…?, fans got to see Captain Carter become the First Avenger. Now with Chadwick Boseman set appear in multiple episodes on What If…?, his recorded voice has become one of the biggest draws for viewers to watch the new series. Actor Jeffery Wright, known as the cosmic entity named The Watcher in the Disney+ series, recently spoke to EW and spoke about what it is was like getting to work with Chadwick Boseman before his unfortunate passing.

    “I was really moved to hear Chadwick Boseman voice T’Challa again as he does in the show. I actually first met him when Black Panther was being introduced at Comic-Con. We saw each other from time to time after that and just to watch him grow as an actor and watch him take on this character, to see what that character meant, and to understand that he was doing that while facing serious challenges, I just find to be on the level of heroism that Black Panther himself is on. So to be a part of just a little bit of what some of his last work is is really special,” Wright added. “And I can’t wait for folks to just hear him.”

    With much anticipation of Boseman’s final appearance as T’Challa, Marvel has updated the Guardians Twitter account with a name change, and a brand new profile picture. The official name for the Twitter account now reads as “T’Challa Star-Lord”, and the new profile picture features the animated version of Boseman’s character. Although this upcoming episode will only be its second to premiere thus far, fans are still hoping for many more surprises in the near future of the Disney+ series. Chadwick Boseman’s episode of Marvel’s What If…? will stream on Disney+ this Wednesday.

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