Modern Family Star Nolan Gould Shares His First Pole Dancing Class Video

    We’ve watched Nolan Gould grow up on America’s favorite quirky family comedy Modern Family for 11 years. Currently he is working on his personal journey to fitness and his transition from child star to adult actor; he looks like he’s having a blast. He let us see his first pole dancing class, and while he seems hesitant of his blossoming skills, he’s pretty impressive.

    Captioned, “Tragic Mike. Might delete this immediately but had to share the results of my first pole dancing class. Always wanted to try it. Thanks @alyssadventures for an amazing class and my supportive friends for helping make it happen. I am uncoordinated and inflexible as hell. My body is basically made of Lego bricks.”

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    Nolan Gould says, “I’ve been working out an hour and a half everyday with my friend Michael who is a personal trainer. We have a really cool socially-distant setup that has allowed me to get fit while also being safe. It’s been nice. Especially being unemployed in quarantine, having a reason to get up and stay motivated. It’s been something that’s been very healthy and positive for me in quarantine. It’s really changed my outlook. I kind of split stuff up throughout the day. I do an hour of strength training every day, and then 30 minutes of cardio and core throughout the day,” he continued.

    He’s also implemented a “pretty crazy diet,” which he said includes lots of lean protein and vegetables and no more “teenage boy/bachelor”-type meal plans where you skip meals and end up eating “four pizzas at once. I’m eating so much healthier, even though there’s less of it,” he shared. “What I get is actually really healthy food for you: lean protein, eating as many vegetables as you want and staying away from things like soda. Nourishing the mind, body, all that.”

    He added that the “biggest thing was cutting out alcohol, for me that’s actually been very nice. I feel more clear-headed and have been doing as much writing as possible, being in acting class, taking all the steps I can so when the pandemic’s finally over, hopefully I’ll just be ready to go to work,” Gould said.

    Gould’s next project is Camp. The film is a mixture of both comedy and drama, a coming-of-age story centered around a group of teenagers who navigate friendship, romance, and betrayal in their final year of sleep-away camp. Gould will be starring alongside Joey King, Sierra McCormick, Jason Sklar and Randy Sklar and is executive-produced by James Franco and directed by Josh Yunis.

    Gould explains, “It’s like a Jewish retreat and it’s pretty funny with James Franco, Joey King; and with James Franco, it’s all that humor,” he said. “There’s some edgy things, it’s a little bit raunchy. It’s a really good, feel good, coming of age story.” Production has completed and we’re waiting for a release date.

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