Monsters Cereals Unite for Monster Mash Official Song and Video

    Say Happy Anniversary to the spooky cereals of your youth this year, as 2021 marks the 50th year that kids have been begging for the ghoulish and delightfully sugary cereals, as mom picked up the flippin’ Cheerios. To celebrate the milestone, General Mills coaxed the band of America’s favorite beastly breakfast bunch to reunite not only to cut their famous track, but to mix it up together in one bowl! “Choc, Frank, Boo, Frute and Yummy – the world’s most popular monster super group – have reunited for the first time in decades to remake the greatest monster anthem of all time, the Monster Mash. This is the behind-the-scenes, never-before-told story of how musical and monster history was made.” There’s even a surprise appearance from Travis Barker, a longtime friend of the Monster gang.

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    Now I hope this doesn’t cause too much controversy, but we ALL know Count Chocula is the clear winner if your mom FINALLY gives in. I know there are some outliers out there, and Choc did come off as kind of a diva in the documentary, but, it’s pure fact. Count. Chocula. My sister always went for the Franken Berry. Come on!

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    General Mills tells the history. “The Monster Cereals debuted in 1971 with the introduction of Count Chocula and Franken Berry. Inspired by classic horror film characters, they were unlike any other cereal at the time,” the blog details. “Boo Berry joined the monster crew a year later in 1972 and expanded nationally in the U.S. in 1973. The first three Monster Cereals have been in production ever since, now appearing just in time for Halloween. Frute Brute (formerly Fruit Brute) hit store shelves with the ‘howlin’-good taste of fruit’ in 1974. He was sent back to our cereal vault in 1982. Frute Brute is considered by many collectors to be the most sought-after vintage cereal box. (Likely because the cereal was used by movie director Quentin Tarantino in both Reservoir Dogs} and Pulp Fiction}.) Fruity Yummy Mummy made his debut in 1988 with a similar fruity flavor to Frute Brute. But the cereal was only around until 1992.”

    The monster cereals hits every note with kids. They have games on the back and always a cool prizes inside that you didn’t have to go armpit deep past the bran and Colon Blow to retrieve. I remember cutting a cardboard record off the box that really played on the record player.

    Monster Mash Cereal brings together Count Chocula, Franken Berry, Boo Berry, and even Yummy Mummy and Fruit Brute (not seen since 2013!) for a Monster Mash in every bite. You can go snag a box or three in grocery stores now, people! And for the purists, Count Chocula Cereal, Boo Berry Cereal, and Franken Berry Cereal will be sitting right there next to the mash up. And if you haven’t got ‘The Monster Mash’ stuck in your head already, shoot over to Spotify and add it to your Halloween playlist.

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