Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn Plan to Crash Real Weddings to Inspire Wedding Crashers 2

    Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn just might become real-life Wedding Crashers if it helps finally get the sequel made. Released in 2005, Wedding Crashers is one of the most popular movies of both Wilson and Vaughn’s respective careers, starring the pair as divorce mediators who crash weddings hoping to meet women. For years, there has been talk of a sequel happening, but the project just can’t seem to get off the ground.

    In a new interview with Esquire’s “Explain This” video series, Wilson took a moment to revisit Wedding Crashers. He was asked about the possibility of Wedding Crashers 2, and as the actor explains, he’d be up for returning alongside Vaughn if enough fans are out there calling for it to happen. Wilson also says he’s been talking to Vaughn about actually crashing weddings after the pandemic, which could help provide some inspiration for the potential sequel. From the interview:

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    “I guess if the people rise up and demand it, then who are we to say no? I do think that Vince and I have been talking about when this pandemic ends, maybe, crashing some weddings in real life just to celebrate a return to normalcy. So maybe we’ll get some inspiration from that.”

    In the interview, Owen Wilson also notes how he didn’t know Vaughn all that well before the two were cast as co-stars in Wedding Crashers. More than 15 years later, the two actors are still close after hitting it off on set, making it all the more likely they’d be interested in partnering back up for a Wedding Crashers 2. As Wilson says:

    “I met Vince through Ben Stiller, not long after I got to Los Angeles. But it wasn’t until we were sort of working on Wedding Crashers we became friends. And I don’t know, some people you just hit it off with, and are simpatico with.”

    Wedding Crashers was directed by David Dobkin and penned by Steve Faber and Bob Fisher. Along with Wilson and Vaughn, the movie also starred Rachel McAdams, Christopher Walken, Isla Fisher, and Jane Seymour. It was a huge hit at the box office and has been credited with helping to revive the popularity of R-rated comedies. This success along with mostly positive reviews has left the lead stars open to a sequel ever since.

    Dobkin has been pursuing a sequel for years as well. Wilson previously told Collider that there is a new script in the works with Dobkin’s involvement, also confirming that they’ve had talks with the director about possibly doing the sequel. At the time, he mentioned that he’d be interested in coming back as long as everyone involved was satisfied with the final screenplay.

    “It’s one of those movies that seems to connect with people so if we can come up with something we think could be great then I’m sure we’ll do it. I think it’s before anything it was sort of making sure that everybody felt we had a great story,” Wilson said.

    If you want to revisit the original Wedding Crashers, the movie is currently streaming on HBO Max. Time will tell if the sequel ever happens, but as Wilson suggests, it won’t hurt for the fans to get out there and demand it. This news comes to us from Esquire.

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