Poppy Harlow Explains Why She Is Taking Break From CNN to Study at Yale

    Poppy Harlow is going back to school, which means she is taking a break as anchor of CNN Newsroom.

    The long-time broadcast journalist made the announcement to viewers on Tuesday, August 17, revealing that she will be “taking a break from being with you every morning on this show so that I can go back to school. Yes, school!” She went on to explain that she will be attending Yale to study law for a Master’s degree. “It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time,” she added. “And if this year and a half has taught me anything, it is, why not try!”

    She joined CNN in 2008 and served as the anchor for while also acting as a correspondent for CNN. In 2017, Harlow and fellow CNN host Jim Sciutto took over as the new co-anchors of CNN Newsroom.

    During her on-air statement, Harlow revealed that one of her favorite parts of the job is covering legal and constitutional issues. She said that it was an interview with the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg that inspired her to pursue her Master’s in law, citing Ginsburg’s advice that, “You can’t have it all at once, but you can at different times.”

    Despite the temporary break, Harlow will still be a fill-in anchor on CNN during holidays and other days that she doesn’t have class. She also joked that the degree program is “only going to be until the spring, so you’re not getting rid of me very long.”

    Harlow’s colleagues and peers took to social media to praise her decision and wish her luck in her new endeavor. “You’re an inspiration,” said fellow CNN anchor Ana Cabrera. Similar sentiments were shared by CNN correspondent Rachel Crane, who wrote, “You are such a force and so inspiring my dear pal. Endlessly impressed by all that you do and with such heart always.”

    There was even love from across networks, with NBC Today co-host Savannah Guthrie writing, “I’m so proud of my friend!! And I know your Daddy is smiling! Go get em!!!” And also Fox Sports host Lindsay Czarniak, who wrote, “Hell yes!!!!!!!!! Congrats Poppy!!”

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