‘TWD’s Norman Reedus & Melissa McBride on Carol & Daryl’s ‘Slippery’ Relationship (VIDEO)

    The Walking Dead has a few strained relationships that need mending as the AMC zombie drama heads into its 11th and final season, but none that fans are so invested in as the friendship between longtime survivors Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride).

    These BFFs have a long history and care deeply for one another, but lately, we’ve seen them having trouble staying on the same page. Carol’s reckless, revenge-seeking behavior against former Whisperers leader Alpha (Samantha Morton) has put a serious strain on their dynamic. But now that Alpha is dead, does that mean these two heroes can put aside their differences and just be buddies again? (We do know they’ll eventually ride off into the proverbial sunset when McBride and Reedus get their own spinoff series, slated for 2023, helmed by Dead showrunner Angela Kang. So there’s that, at least.)

    “It’s a slippery slope,” notes McBride of the duo’s rocky friendship during a Zoom chat ahead of the release of TV Guide Magazine’s The Walking Dead Universe Special Collector’s Issue, which hit newsstands nationwide on Tuesday, August 17.

    But Reedus gives fans a little hope for Carol and Daryl’s future. “You have to see those two characters join forces and fight shoulder to shoulder again,” he says. “You have to, or like, the world should end.” Yeah, about that…

    Check out TV Insider’s video interview Reedus and McBride above for more intel on Season 11.

    The Walking Dead, Season 11 Premiere, Sunday, August 22, 9/8c, AMC (available now on AMC+)

    TV Guide Magazine’s The Walking Dead Universe Special Collector’s Issue is available for international pre-order online now at and will be available nationwide on newsstands on Tuesday, August 17

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