Why Marvel’s Eternals Didn’t Fight Thanos Revealed in New MCU Footage

    Since the first Eternals trailer arrived a few months ago, many MCU fans asked where these all powerful characters were during the events of Infinity War and Endgame and why they did nothing to stop Thanos snapping away half the world. Those fans have not had to wait until the movie arrives in November to find out an explanation, as the opening moments of the new final trailer that dropped today wraps up that issue in about 20 seconds and it seems that the answer is pretty simple – they were not allowed to become involved.

    While many people were not expecting the opening moments of the trailer to lay out a full explanation of how the Eternals are only now making their appearance in the MCU, that is exactly what we got, and while there will be a lot more to the movie than the trailer makes apparent, we know that a big chunk of the film will be set in the present day, post Blip. This is established by an opening statement in the trailer, which explains that the Eternals have around for thousands of years, but were charged with never interfering in human life unless there were Deviants involved. The snap, and more importantly the Snap performed by Hulk to reverse Thanos’ eradication of half the world, provided enough power to allow the Deviants to emerge and prepare an assault of Earth.

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    So with that all cleared up, we have a quick fix to the “issues” raised by fans, and that allows the movie itself to then be set up with a seven day timeline in which the Eternals need to rally their troops and make a stand to save the world. You know, the usual kind of Avengers style superhero stuff.

    There was little to go on in the first trailer, and no one really knew what to expect from the movie. As with every Marvel movie, there has been only a very brief and basic synopsis released and many of the movie’s secrets will not be revealed until the movie arrives in November. However, the new trailer does give a better look at the superhuman beings in action, brandishing their powers against some vicious looking adversaries, which all appears to fit within that Marvel template of action, humor and thrills.

    The other interesting aspect of the trailer is the date confirmation at the end. While the November release remains in place, there is no mention of the movie being available in theaters only, or streaming, or a combination. Kevin Feige recently hinted that there were still deliberations going on as to how Eternals would arrive, and a lot seems to be riding on what happens with Shang-Chi and the Legend of The Ten Rings, which is slated to be a theatrical only release on September 3.

    With Covid concerns seeing movies like Venom: Let There Be Carnage being pushed back by a month, there are many watching Shang-Chi very closely to see where Disney’s future strategy may go next. Eternals is currently slated to arrive on November 5.

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