Disney Wants ‘Live’ Robots in Its Theme Parks and Fans Are Comparing It to WestWorld

    With the latest season of HBO’s sci-fi show Westworld currently filming, you would be forgiven for thinking there was some major announcement happening today as the name trended on various social media platforms. However that is not the case, and instead the trending hashtag was brought about by a report featured in the New York Times that Disney are in the early processes of considering bringing “live” robots to their theme parks, with the intention of having them walk amongst guests and interact with them. Now you can see where that trending tag comes into it.

    When the world is full of instances of art reflecting life and life imitating art, there are sometimes that the comparison is not one that you really want to contemplate becoming reality, and it seems that Disney are happy to go along with events in the TV series, and indeed the 1973 movie, of Westworld being a piece of fiction that cannot possibly happen in the real world. You know, like self-lacing shoes, automated cars, Quidditch…

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    There is obviously no immediate sign of this happening for a number of years yet, but with the speed of technological advancement, if Disney Parks want walking, talking and interacting robots roaming freely around their parks, then who is going to stand in their way. You kind of imagine if they took a leaf from Michael Crichton’s other tale about issues with a theme park attraction and decided they wanted a T-Rex roaming around inside the Magic Kingdom there would be a dozen heads all bobbing along in agreement and work would begin on engineering it.

    Obviously, someone somewhere will have odds on the chances of these robots, if and when they become a reality, going rogue, but I would expect they would be similar to say putting a man on Jupiter and such, so we probably don’t need to worry about the reality of Westworld becoming a reality in Disneyland. What we can do instead though is have a read through some of the many views and comments shared on Twitter when the article went viral, and there were some quite amusing if not just a little sinister posts.

    “Of all the fantasy scenarios we’re inexplicably turning into realities, this one seems among the easiest to just not do. Can we leave this WESTWORLD shit in the drafts?” one user said. Another said, “Bob Chapek loves Westworld, but he also only watched the first ten minutes of the first episode.” A third added, “Oh F*CK no. This shit has Westworld trending. Do you want Westworld?!?! I don’t need Merida firing actual arrows at people in the happy robot apocalypse, thankyouverymuch.” One person even decided to go down an altogether different route of thought with, “I don’t think any of us plan on f*cking Mickey Mouse though.” Each to their own.

    It was announced last month that Westworld season 4 is now filming, although did have to pause after positive Covid tests on set, with the new season expected to air sometime in 2022.

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