Josh Brolin Reveals Why He Wanted to Play Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Josh Brolin is not only an actor with many credits to his name, but he is also one of those rare actors to have played two different prominent roles in Marvel movies. He played Cable in Deadpool 2 in between his stints are the Mad Titan Thanos in the MCU, and he has been reprising his role of the Avengers‘ antagonist in the latest episode of Marvel’s What If…? series. In the episode, which also featured the last performance of Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa, saw the Black Panther becoming Star-Lord and gave Thanos a whole new role in the Marvel world. Considering his hellbent mission to remove half of humanity from existence in the main Marvel timeline, his What If…? appearance was something a little more fun, and it let to Brolin speaking to ACE Universe about what actually pulled him into the role in the first place.

    “When I said yes to, to Thanos, you know, they’d given me a big Bible and really kind of talked me out but it wasn’t for you know a massive, massive part in two final films of a 10-year span. It was meant more as a cameo. So it was never the size of the role that that was like oh I want to do that because it’s going to push me further up into that fame or stardom or whatever. It was like what’s the role? The role, it’s not one of the Avengers, it’s the nemesis to all the Avengers,” Brolin said.

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    It is not the first time Josh Brolin has opened up about what led him to the role, having previously said, “I turned down quite a bit of those things and again people were like ‘money!’ When I said yes to Avengers it was a small thing. It was basically a cameo, so there was not a lot of money involved, So that wasn’t the reason. But when they game to me they gave me a big bible. I loved that it was all [of them]. If it had been one of the Avengers — and I don’t mean this, I probably shouldn’t say this but I’m just gonna say it — I probably wouldn’t have done it. But the fact that it was all the Avengers against this one guy. I liked that aspect of it.”

    As well as his appearance in What If…?, Brolin will be seen alongside one of his many Avengers adversaries when he appears in the new version of Dune, which also stars Guardians of The Galaxy actor Dave Bautista in its all star cast, which also includes Spider-Man actress Zendaya and Oscar Isaac who will soon be seen in Disney+ series Moon Knight. With so many actors having appeared in the MCU to date, it is hard for any actor to do a non-Marvel movie without bumping into someone they have previously worked with on one MCU project or another, and with so many more actors joining in the next year the industry is fast becoming one big Marvel family.

    What If…? is currently releasing new episodes each week on Disney+, while Dune is currently slated for release on October 22 in theaters and on HBO Max. Check out the full interview at ACE Universe.

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