Other Places You’ve Seen the Fear Street Cast

    With Netflix’s 3 movie, Fear Street series scaring the daylights out of us, a nice respite from the fear has been the cast that inhabits this new cinematic world. Amidst the brutal killings and bloodshed embedded in this beloved young adult franchise, the safest place you could hide was your mind. As more and more characters kept appearing and disappearing from the screen, how could viewers not keep asking themselves, “Where have I seen this actor or actress before?” Across Netflix’s Fear Street: Part One – 1994, Fear Street: Part Two – 1978, and Fear Street: Part Three – 1666, you will find yourself doing that a lot.

    However, part of the brilliance of this whole endeavor is how we can’t quite place anybody. All of the actors legitimately seem to be the characters they are playing. I know what you’re thinking, “Of course they do, they’re actors! That’s why they were cast.” That is correct, however, not knowing a lot of these actors, or continually wondering where we’ve seen them, truly adds to the horror on screen. It is this fear factor that makes us wonder what other places we’ve seen the Fear Street cast. Well settle in and prepare to learn more about them than you ever could’ve imagined.

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    * Warning: This article contains spoilers for all three Fear Street films. *

    Kiana Madeira

    Kiana Madeira - Fear Street

    While this cast is littered with characters and, at any time or another, the stars shift across the movies, Kiana is the glue that keeps this thing together. As the character of Deena in Fear Street: Part One – 1994, Madeira resurfaces in Fear Street: Part Three – 1666 as the oft mentioned Sarah Fier. This actress also appeared in the Netflix series Trinkets, an episode of The Flash, the Taken TV series, and Dark Matter on SyFy among other shows. Fear Street marks a coming out party of sorts, and it seems like the name Kiana Madeira is going to be on everybody’s minds for the foreseeable future.

    Olivia Scott Welch

    Olivia Scott Welch - Fear Street

    The other half of the century spanning relationship (with Kiana Madeira’s character) starts off playing Samantha Fraser in Fear Street: Part One – 1994, and love brings them together again when Welch plays Hannah Miller in Fear Street: Part Three – 1666. Welch may not have many credits to her name, but what she has done is quite substantial. She toplined Amazon’s show Panic, she was in the very well received Netflix mini-series Unbelievable with Toni Collette, Merritt Wever, and Kaitlyn Dever, and Welch also did stints on Agent Carter and Modern Family. How’s that for a resume?

    Benjamin Flores, Jr.

    Benjamin Flores, Jr. - Fear Street

    Pretty much playing the brainy character of Josh across the three Fear Street films (although that changes a bit in Fear Street: Part Three – 1666), this fine actor also was in the well received Bryan Cranston drama Your Honor. In addition to this, you’ve also seen this talented actor in Netflix’s Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, the sci-if alien-fest Rim of the World(another Netflix show), Henry Danger, and he had a small role in Transformers: The Last Knight. Lastly, this multifaceted thespian also made a lasting impression with appearances in the Ice Cube/Kevin Hart-led Ride Along and the voice of Atticus in Happy Feet Two. Not a bad resume for a guy whose also been known as Benjamin “Lil P-Nut” Flores, Jr. throughout part of his career!

    Julia Rehwald

    Julia Rehwald - Fear Street

    As the assertive Kate Schmidt in the Fear Street films, she also switches this up a bit in Fear Street: Part Three – 1666. Oddly, this solid actress doesn’t have much longer of a resume. Rehwald has been in some short films and had guest appearances on places like the Steve Varley Show. She also did a film set in the world of cooking called Mukbang Masarap, but aside from that the bulk of the fine work Rehwald does can be seen in Fear Street: Part One – 1994, Fear Street: Part Two – 1978, and Fear Street: Part Three – 1666.

    Maya Hawke

    Maya Hawke - Fear Street

    As an actress that is also the daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, Maya Hawke is easily the most accomplished thespian in this cast (and also exits it the quickest). With star turning roles in Stranger Things(as Robin Buckley) and Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood, this rising actress has appeared in a litany of movies and TV roles. She starred in Memory Xperiment: Kathy Acker, played Jo March in the Little Women mini-series, and also shared the screen with the likes of Liev Schreiber, Marisa Tomei, and Peter Sarsgaard in the drama Human Capital.

    Fred Hechinger

    Fred Hechinger - Fear Street

    While it might seem that Hechinger just came on the scene in the role of Simon in the Fear Street movies (lets be honest, he seems born to play that role, right?), the reality is that this actor has been with us for a bit longer than that. He played a Young Arnold Ridgeway in The Underground Railroad on Amazon Prime, and he was really creepy as Ethan in the Amy Adams starring The Woman in the Window. In addition to this he’s also been in News of the World with Tom Hanks, HBO’s Let Them All Talk, the interesting Natalie Portman/Jude Law film Vox Lux, and he played Trevor in the luminescent Eighth Grade. Gucci!

    Noah Bain Garret

    Noah Bain Garret - Fear Street

    Playing a character like Skully Mask in Fear Street: Part One – 1994 is probably where you’ve mainly seen this actor. Truthfully, you haven’t really seen him because as his character’s name says, he’s wearing that pesky mask the entire time! This actor is mainly known as a stuntman, but he also appears in the Rachel Brosnahan led I’m Your Woman on Amazon Prime.

    Elizabeth Scopel

    Elizabeth Scopel - Fear Street

    Playing a version of the seminal character Sarah Fier across all 3 of the Fear Street movies, Scopel is pitch perfect in this role that looms large. Most of this actresses work has been in TV in shows like Chicago Med and FBI: Most Wanted. Clearly, her biggest role, and the one she is going to be most known for in the immediate future, is the character of Sarah Fier. This bodes well for her because with Scopel’s haunting eyes and presence, it surely should garner her more work and acclaim in the future.

    Jordan DiNatale

    Jordan DiNatale - Fear Street

    As the killer with the cool name, Ruby Lane, across Fear Street: Part One – 1994, Fear Street: Part Two – 1978, and Fear Street: Part Three – 1666, you also saw DiNatale in Martin Scorsese’s sprawling The Irishman(also on Netflix), The Punisher, Mindhunter, and the J-Lo led Shades of Blue. Working with a cinematic master, acting in an ultra-violent comic-book series, and being in one of the best FBI procedurals in TV history, is certainly a great way to pad the resume. However, as the razor wielding Ruby Lane, DiNatale is especially effective singing the Mills Brothers, “You Always Hurt The One You Love” as she murders people.

    Charlene Amoia

    Charlene Amoia - Fear Street

    As Rachel Thompson and Beth Kimball in Fear Street: Part One – 1994 and Fear Street: Part Three – 1666, Amoia is able to blend into the story and in the process increase the horror. However, this isn’t her first go round in the scary realm as she played Judy Glatzel in this summer’s The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It. She’s also appeared Dexter, American Horror Story, and even lent her voice to It Chapter Two. Amoia was also in Birds of Prey and she’s done a host of non-horror TV like The Flash, NCIS, Bones, etc.

    Ashley Zukerman

    Ashley Zukerman - Fear Street

    As the main bad guy Nick Goode and Solomon Goode across all of the Fear Street films, Zukerman exudes a low key creepy that goes full bore by the time you are watching Fear Street: Part Three – 1666. As for where you’ve seen him, he was in Hulu’s A Teacher, HBO’s Succession, Netflix’s Designated Survivor, Fear the Walking Dead, and The Pacific. These are just the most notable shows as his credits list extends far beyond that. This actor has a way of blending into the story he’s helping tell, and as a result that makes the reveal of who he really is in Fear Street that much more terrifying.

    Michael Chandler

    Michael Chandler - Fear Street

    Chandler creates a whole new embodiment of fear in his role as Pastor Cyrus Miller. This possessed soul is in a lot of trouble and this spells doom for his daughter Hannah, who is also in an ill-fated relationship with Sarah Fier. Chandler has a very rich and varied list of credits with films like Babysitter’s Nightmare and a Star Trek video game littering his resume. He’s also done a bit of TV work on shows like Love Bites, the iconic soap opera The Young and the Restless, and Monk. However, it’s clear by fan reaction to Chandler’s turn as Pastor Cyrus Miller that he was bad to the bone and fans wanted more of it!

    David W. Thompson

    David W. Thompson - Fear Street

    In the juicy role of Ryan Torres aka Skull Mask, this seemingly unassuming, bookish actor shows he can play bad really well. This probably explains his resume which is filled with extremely interesting work. There’s the terrifying (for more reasons than one) Green Room, the interesting Blue Ruin, Win Win, A Christmas Story 2, as well as TV turns in programs like Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Gotham(in which he memorably played Scarecrow), and Amazon’s Panic in which Olivia Scott Welch also appeared,

    Matthew Zuk

    As you’ve probably guessed by now, just because you’re last name is Goode that doesn’t mean that you are. Zuk memorably plays Mayor Will Goode and Elijah Goode throughout the three Fear Street film run. As for where you’ve seen him before? He plays Negative Man in DC’s Doom Patrol, and he was in Tom Hanks’ World War II epic Greyhound. Before all this he had a brief role in Avengers: Infinity War and appeared in such TV shows as RePlay, Rectify and Mercy Street. Of all the actors on this list, Zuk might just have the most eclectic list of credits.

    Sadie Sink

    Sadie Sink - Fear Street

    With roles in TV shows such as Blue Bloods, The Americans, Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and a strong turn in Chuck(a story about boxing legend Chuck Wepner) opposite Liev Schreiber, the place you probably remember Sink is from her role as Max in Stranger Things. All of this makes her more adult performances as Ziggy Berman and Constance in the Fear Street movies that much more interesting. The fact that Stranger Things and Fear Street are similar, yet the characters Sink plays in each are not, is what really elevates the work she does here.

    Emily Rudd

    Emily Rudd - Fear Street

    Rudd has a very interesting resume and it was probably (at least a little bit) based on those choices, that she was cast as Cindy Berman and Abigail in Fear Street: Part One – 1994, Fear Street: Part Two – 1978, and Fear Street: Part Three – 1666. The actress can be seen in the Dynasty reboot, Amazon’s Philip K. Dick inspired Electric Dreams, as well as the streamer’s highly popular Hunters starring none other than Al Pacino. Fear Street is obviously the biggest thing Rudd as done, and in her portrayal of the conflicted Berman sister (made harder by the guilt her sister Ziggy foists on her) she literally holds nothing back.

    Jordana Spiro

    Jordana Spiro - Fear Street

    Viewers will immediately remember Spiro from her terrific turn in Netflix’s Ozark. If you don’t, it would be wise to go and watch that show as soon as you are done reading this. Spiro is excellent in all of the Fear Street films as Nurse Mary Lane. She plays this role with just enough creepy force to make her portrayal extremely memorable. Other shows you’ve seen her in are Blindspot, The Good Wife and Dexter among others. On the movie side she was in Must Love Dogs, If these Walls Could Talk and From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman’s Daughter. Another place you’ve seen her? The original Beverly Hills, 90210I!

    Ryan Simpkins

    Ryan Simpkins - Fear Street

    Every horror movie needs its badass and this actress doesn’t disappoint as Alice across all 3 Fear Street movies. Projecting strength, resiliency, and no fear of speaking her mind, Simpkins has bounced back and forth between movies big and small, as well as TV spots. She’s been on shows such as CSI, and The Night Shift, as well as films like the Will Ferrell-led The House, Space Warriors, and Francis Ford Coppola’s Twixt. She’s even appeared in such big ticket films as Revolutionary Road, Pride and Glory, but isn’t afraid to follow that up with Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach!

    McCabe Slye

    McCabe Slye - Fear Street

    With a name like that how is this actor not doing horror films or at least writing young adult horror fiction? As Tommy Slater, the boyfriend of Cindy Berman, he’s seemingly a real catch until of course he becomes the Nightwing Killer (though, truth be told, it was mainly Lloyd Pitts underneath the sack/mask). Slye has been in Destroyer with Nicole Kidman, the well done Miseducation of Cameron Post, and he played Travis on the TV series Rise. Slye has a very unique look and it’s used to solid effect across the Fear Street films. He’s just interesting enough to play a “boy next door” but not really be one. In Fear Street: Part Three – 1666, in the role of Mad Thomas, Slye plays smarmy to perfection in a performance that is a complete 180 from Tommy Slater.

    Brandon Spink

    Brandon Spink - Fear Street

    He may not have the biggest resume but how many actors can say they’ve played a Young Bruce Wayne and a Young Johnny Knoxville? As the Young Will Goode in Fear Street: Part Two – 1978, the man that would eventually be the mayor of Shadyside only hints at the person he would become later in life. As an actor, Spink has already showed a penchant for making interesting choices. With roles on such TV shows as These Streets Don’t Love You Like I Do!, Epix Berlin Station and Once Upon a Time, Spink has also been in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justic e, an Untitled Johnny Knoxville Project, the surprisingly great Miracles from Heaven, and the Garry Marshall helmed Mother’s Day.

    Emily Brobst

    Billy Barker is hard to wrench from your mind once you see him because by design his masked, lower center of gravity look is just plain creepy. Emily Brobst, the actress behind this character, is seemingly a stunt person by trade. With such work in The War with Grandpa, Netflix’s The Sleepover, and Annabelle Comes Home, she’s also acted in TV shows like Henry Danger, Cooties and Netflix’s The Highwaymen. With 123 titles to her credit on IMDB, Brobst is highly prolific, but in the role of Billy across the three Fear Street films, she’s downright terrifying.

    Ted Sutherland

    Having played Percy in The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Sutherland is clearly no stranger to the thrills and chills of a project like Fear Street. As Young Nick Goode, he certainly seems like a the perfect guy, but, like anything else in Fear Street, the deeper you delve into something the more you might find things you don’t think are that great. This can’t be said for Goode’s career however, as he’s done spots on TV shows like FBI, Instinct and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. On top of this he was a part of Red Dead Redemption II, which, if you’ve been anywhere near young people, is a beloved piece of video game history.

    Kevin Waterman

    Ted Sutherland - Fear Street

    Playing the role of Harry Rooker aka the Milkman, this actor looks like a cross between Freddy Krueger and Jason Vorhees but only if they’d been birthed in the 50s. Like some others on this list, Waterman is primarily known for stunt work in such projects as The Suicide Squad, Black Widow and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. As an actor, this varied thespian has appeared in shows like Atlanta, Netflix’s The Devil All the Time, and all of the Fear Street movies.

    Gillian Jacobs

    Gillian Jacobs - Fear Street

    To really delve into the character/characters that Gillian Jacobs plays across all 3 Fear Street movies would REALLY (not like I haven’t done it already) destroy a lot of the hidden gems of the films. So lets just say that who she plays is probably second (Kiana Madeira being the first as you recall) as the glue that holds all of the stories together from 1994, 1978 and 1666. As for where you’ve seen this chameleon-like actress? We all know and love her in Community. But, the actress has also been in Paramount’s Twilight Zone reboot, Life of the Party with Melissa McCarthy, and she’s done a lot of animated roles in popular shows like Rick and Morty, Justice League Action and Adventure Time. Throw in such eclectic fare as Bad Milo and it should surprise nobody that the role she plays across all three Fear Street movies would be complex, hard to pin to down, and ultimately… shocking.

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