Ryan Reynolds Thanks Free Guy Success on His Friends’ Cameos

    For those who haven’t yet seen Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy and want to let the movie hang onto all of its secrets, then it might be best to back away now, but for everyone else, the actor has been praising his famous friends who appeared in the movie as the key to its success. While there were very few who could predict exactly which way the gamble of putting out the movie in cinemas only would go, it seems that the movie has exceeded expectations in many ways, and the number of well-known faces turning up for cameos is definitely something Reynolds was keen to point out as a big part of that success.

    Ryan Reynolds took to his Twitter account to share some images of just a handful of those who appeared in Free Guy with him, commenting, “This movie is about friendship. And friendship is at its simplest, just showing up. While I don’t have photos of everyone, here’s to all the incredible pals who showed up for this film.”

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    For those who may have missed some of them the list of cameos includes Chris Evans, Dwayne Johnson, John Krasinski, Channing Tatum and it wouldn’t be right if it hadn’t also included Reynold’s Twitter partner, Hugh Jackman, as well as other free city friends scattered through the movie. With it being in cinemas only though, if you missed them, then you are either going to take another trip or wait for the movie to arrive on-demand in a couple of months’ time.

    The movie was very successful in theaters and beat out the weekend box office competition. Those who have been to the theater to see the movie already will know very well that one cameo in particular is both very front and center and gets a great reaction from the audience. That would be an appearance from Captain America himself, Chris Evans, and in a recent interview with, Reynolds explained how that one in particular came about.

    “The thing I will always… There’s so much that’s been written about the film industry and show business in Hollywood and so much… You read so many things that are just so utterly terrible about that industry and the people in it. Largely true. But there is actually a community there that is real. And there are a lot of people within that community that are wonderful. And the thing I’ll never take for granted is the idea that you can be shooting a movie that big, like Free Guy, and call someone up and just be like, ‘Is there any way you’d maybe jump in and do this little cameo?’ Chris [Evans] happened to live in Boston was like, ‘I’ll be there in five minutes,'”

    There is nothing quite like a good cameo to really elevate a movie, and when you have a friends list like Ryan Reynolds and film that is as fun as Free Guy, the combination is never going to lose. Free Guy was such a win at the box office, in fact, that Disney is already asking star Ryan Reynolds to come back for an official sequel. Pretty much in the same way Ricky Gervais can seem to get anyone in his TV shows, Reynolds clearly has the same pulling power when it comes to the movies.

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