Sabrina Star Melissa Joan Hart Reveals Covid Diagnosis from Her Bed

    Melissa Joan Hart is the latest celebrity to take to social media to speak about being diagnosed with Covid-19 and how important it is that people still remember that the virus is out there and has not gone away. Speaking from her bed where she is recovering from the disease, the Sabrina, the Teenage Witch star said that she believes the virus was likely brought into her home by her children thanks to the mask policy of the school they attend. She explained that she has been vaccinated, so her condition has not been as bad as some, but she did emphasize that it has still been bad and she believes there is still good reason for people to be cautious when out and about.

    Melissa Joan Hart posted a video on Instagram, with the comment, “Wanted to share this with all of you. Im not posting this to be political or gain pity, I just want to share my journey. This isn’t up for debate, it’s just how I feel today on my page.”

    In the video itself, the actress spoke of how the virus has been affecting her and how her family set up has been impacted. She said, “I am vaccinated and I got COVID, and it’s bad,” she began. “It’s weighing on my chest. It’s hard to breathe. One of my kids, I think, has it so far. I’m praying that the other ones are okay. I think as a country we got a little lazy and I’m really mad that my kids didn’t have to wear a mask at school. I’m pretty sure where this came from.”

    “I just really hope my husband and the other ones don’t get it, because if someone has to be taken to the hospital, I can’t go with them,” Hart continued. “I’m just scared and sad, and disappointed in myself and some of our leaders… I just wish I’d done better, so I’m asking you guys to do better. Protect your families. Protect your kids. It’s not over yet,” she concluded alluding to the pandemic. “I hoped it was, but it’s not, so stay vigilant and stay safe.”

    While many countries have pulled back their Covid restrictions, leading many to believe that the pandemic is now behind us and everything is back to normal, there have been a number of signs that the virus is still causing issues across the US as well as many other countries around the world. In the last month, recovering cinemas have seen a number of high profile movie releases pushed back due to rising number of cases of the Covid Delta Variant and an unwillingness by many movie fans to venture with their families into theaters for the sake of seeing a movie. Covid numbers overall are still varying in different parts of the world, and although the vaccine does seem to be lessening symptoms suffered by those who contract the virus, there are still many who have not yet been vaccinated and in at risk groups.

    Fans and fellow actors on Instagram were quick to offer their best wishes and support to the actress, including notes from Bobcat Goldthwait, who said, “Sending love and don’t be so hard on yourself.” Nancy Travis commented, “Oh man, this really sucks to hear and I hope it moves through you quickly. Thank God you are vaccinated…I guess. You are right: NOT over, very disillusioned and angry.”

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