The Halloween Connection to A Nightmare on Elm Street You Never Knew Existed

    A new YouTube video from Horror’s Hallowed Grounds host Sean Clark reveals the story of how he learned of the interesting connection between the iconic horror movies Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street. Several years ago, Clark was the first person to discover that Michael Myers stalked Laurie Strode in the same house where Freddy Krueger would terrorize Nancy Thompson years later. And the discovery came about by pure chance, thanks to a piece of furniture.

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    “Had I not stumbled upon this one item that put the two pieces together, no one would ever know that this house had Halloween history,” Clark says in the new video. The horror documentarian then details the full story of how he literally stumbled upon the connection while filming an episode of Horror’s Hallowed Grounds at the house used as the Thompson home in A Nightmare on Elm Street. It begins with Clark visiting the actual house used as 1428 Elm Street when it was put on the market in 2006, snapping photos to document as much of the home’s interior as possible.

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    Most of what’s shown as the interiors of the Thompson family home is of a set that was built for A Nightmare on Elm Street, and the inside of the actual house looks a lot different in comparison. Something interesting Clark observed in the home was a Jamie Lee Curtis autograph included as part of a “wall of fame” featuring signatures of various celebrities who worked at the house. At the time, he still had no idea about the Halloween connection to the house.

    The 1428 Elm Street house was later totally remodeled on the inside and now looks absolutely nothing like how it did when Clark took those photos in 2006. He had the revisit the house after its remodel when doing the Horror’s Hallowed Grounds episode on A Nightmare on Elm Street in 2010 alongside Heather Langenkamp. Even after a second visit to the house, Clark would still walk away without the slightest clue that he was also in Michael Myers’ territory.

    Eventually, the light bulb went off in Sean Clark’s head when he was watching the TV version of Halloween, which provides a look at Laurie Strode’s living room not shown in the theatrical cut. There’s a moment when Jamie Lee Curtis walks past a unique rocking horse and Clark just knew he had seen it before. That’s when it clicked. Looking through his old photos, Clark discovered the very same rocking horse in a picture of the living room of the real 1428 Elm Street house in 2006.

    Looking at the rest of the room, Clark realized that it was a match for the Strode family living room in the Halloween TV edit. The windows around the door were still identical, and even the same staircase can also be seen. In other words, the scene of Laurie and Lynda (PJ Soles) was shot in the real living room that’s behind the door Nancy’s mom gets pulled through at the end of A Nightmare on Elm Street.

    The connection goes a step further as well. In the scene where Laurie calls Annie (Nancy Loomis), Annie is shown speaking on the phone in her bedroom. Looking at the windows, Clark realized that she was speaking in the actual bedroom that served as Nancy Thompson’s bedroom. Although a set was used for the interior, the room that Johnny Depp can be seem climbing into in A Nightmare on Elm Street was actually Annie’s bedroom in Halloween on the inside.

    “Nancy Loomis is in Nancy Thompson’s room,” Sean Clark says in his YouTube video, bewildered. “Who could have ever imagined that this house made famous by A Nightmare on Elm Street was actually 5-6 years prior used in John Carpenter’s classic, Halloween. So, whether you believe it or not, Nancy Thompson’s house was actually Laurie Strode’s house first, and that is a fact.”

    If not for that simple rocking horse, this connection between two of horror history’s most popular movies may never have been made. It’s also interesting to know that to this day, horror fans are still learning that Nancy Thompson and Laurie Strode were terrorized by Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers at the very same house. You can see more horror content from Sean Clark by visiting his channel at malfuncsean on YouTube.

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