Results: ‘Outlander’ Fans Choose Their Favorite Jamie Fraser Episode

    Outlander has been entertaining viewers for seven years and will surely continue to do so with its upcoming seasons on Starz. And while true Fraser fans love all of the romantic drama’s episodes, there are definitely a few standouts when it comes to those highlighting leading man Sam Heughan.

    Heughan has delivered time and again as highlander warrior Jamie Fraser, so we asked readers to choose their favorite episode featuring the Scotsman. A tough decision, no doubt, but viewers let their opinions be known in the poll which saw 1,214 fans cast their votes.

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    The results aren’t entirely surprising as an overwhelming majority selected Season 1’s “The Wedding” with 46 percent of the vote. The episode holds a special place in viewers’ hearts as it marks the beginning of Jamie and Claire’s (Caitriona Balfe) marriage. “The Wedding” was also chosen among readers as their favorite overall episode in another poll.

    Trailing at 16 percent is the Season 1 finale “To Ransom a Man’s Soul,” followed by Season 2’s finale “Dragonfly in Amber” and Season 1’s “The Reckoning” at 7 percent each. The pivotal Season 3 installment, “Of Lost Things” received 6 percent of the votes followed by Season 5’s “The Ballad of Roger Mac” with 5 percent.

    Season 3’s opener “The Battle Joined” earned 3 percent of the vote and “The Birds and the Bees” and “All Debts Paid” each earned 2 percent of the vote, along with the option “I prefer another episode.” Finishing in last place is Season 3’s “Surrender” which followed Jamie’s first years following the Battle of Culloden.

    What do you think of the results? Let us know in the comments section below, and share your favorite episode.

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