Suicide Squad’s Weasel as The Cat in the Hat Is the Stuff of Nightmares

    There are some who claim the works of Dr. Seuss are a little unsettling on their own merit, with all of the characters tending to have a tendency to rhyme their words, and usually be a little bizarre in their routines and appearance. However, one fan of The Suicide Squad has now turned Mike Myer’s Dr. Seuss movie The Cat In The Hat into the true stuff of nightmares by incorporating Weasel into the kids movie with some very disturbing results from their “what if” scenario.

    While all of the characters in James Gunn’s triumphant The Suicide Squad are not the kind of people you would really want around your kids, Weasel is terrifying to see in all his anthropomorphic glory and his history to disturbing crimes that includes a lot of child murder mean you definitely wouldn’t want him to buddy up with them. That, though, is exactly what a fan has done, creating a series of images that are terrifyingly funny. In one of the images Weasel is seen swinging a baseball bat in a way that suggests it isn’t a ball he is about to hit for six, and in another image he stands behind the children in a truly creepy creation.

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    The imaginative pictures went viral pretty quickly, seeing 170k likes and almost 30k re-tweets, and while this is certainly something that needs to be seen to be believed – although maybe just the once – there is a stranger aspect to the crossover considering James Gunn’s revelation earlier in the year that his inspiration for the character came from an old comic strip featuring a cat.

    Sharing an image of his brother Sean, who plays Weasel in the movie, wearing a shirt featuring Bill The Cat from Bloom County, Gunn posted on his social media, “My brother’s shirt last night (Bill the Cat was the inspiration for his character The Weasel in #TheSuicideSquad).”

    While the images may be a brilliant piece of imaginative crossover work, I think it is safe to say that Weasel will not be making his way onto the big screen in some family friendly movie filled with bouncing joy and rhyming couplets, but considering fan reactions to the character, we probably haven’t seen the last of him. The biggest hint that Weasel will be back is the thanks to one of The Suicide Squad‘s post credit scenes, which reveal that despite seeming to have drowned in the movie, he turns up alive and well on a beach on Corto Maltese seemingly roaming free once more. With Gunn having suggested that Peacemaker isn’t the only Suicide Squad member likely to be getting a spin-off, who would doubt that Weasel could well be one of those heading back to screens in some capacity in future.

    The Suicide Squad made a triumphant arrival in theaters earlier in the month, quickly allaying fears by some Warner Bros bosses that Gunn may have pushed the boundaries of violence a little too far in his R-rated take on the DC comics team. However, it seems that what was delivered proved to be exactly what audiences were looking for, and that can only mean good things for the future of the members of Task Force X.

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