The Simpsons Ultimate Figures Are Coming from Super7

    Super7 have really been bringing it with their recent IP purchases, having already set up new action figures based on Ninja Turtles, Thundercats, Power Rangers and some classic Disney characters. Their latest addition to their Ultimates range is The Simpsons, and while it is one that may have had numerous toy ranges before, don’t expect simple versions of Bart and Co coming from this set. In tackling the longest running Primetime scripted show of all time, there is certainly some scope of characters to work with, and in Super7 style they are not going obvious straight out of the gates.

    Similar to how they kicked off their range of Disney Ultimates with characters from Fantasia, Robin Hood and Alice In Wonderland – many of which have never had action figures before – Super7’s first wave of Simpsons Ultimates lead with Deep Space Homer, Moe, Robot Itchy and Scratchy and Poochie. Yes, that’s right, they brought Poochie in their first wave, which suggests that you better prime your wallets as they are going deep with this one.

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    Their Homer figure is based on his appearance as an astronaut in the episode Deep Space Homer, in which Homer is seen being sent off into space, so therefore he comes dressed in the appropriate spacesuit attire and as well as interchangeable heads and hands he also features an ant farm, nuclear reactor rod, bag of potato chips and loose chips and a helmet, so you can recreate his epic space journey in all its glory.

    Homer - The Simpsons Super7 Ultimate

    Next up is Robot Itchy and Scratchy as seen in Itchy and Scratchy Land. As anyone who has seen the episode will remember, this short segment saw killer robots going wild at Itchy and Scratchy Land and that is exactly what you get with these two characters. With separate heads showing their robotic insides and a couple of different hands, the highlight of these figures is a awesome array of weapons that they come with, such as chainsaws, mallets, axes and machine guns for you enjoy making all the Itchy and Scratchy mayhem you can handle.

    Itchy - The Simpsons Super7 Ultimate
    Scratchy - The Simpsons Super7 Ultimate

    Their penultimate figure in this wave is a standard Moe, the often put upon owner of Moe’s Tavern. The figure itself is not based on any special episode, but his accessories will be familiar to fans of the show. As always, there are the obligatory additional hands and head moulds, as well Moe’s apron and washcloth. Also with the set are a jar of pickled eggs, usually found on the Tavern Bar, the red phone that Bart often calls to play his pranks, and then there are scene specific items of Panda in a Box and a Flamin’ Moe drink.

    Moe - The Simpsons Super7 Ultimate

    Then finally we have probably one of the most welcome surprises that could have been included in this first wave – Poochie the dog who was brought into the show as a short-lived sidekick to Itchy and Scratchy who was voiced by Homer. Poochie comes with his additional heads and hands, as well as cool surfboard, guitar, skateboard and fannypack. With this in your arsenal, there is nothing stopping you creating all those Poochie moments that the show didn’t.

    Poochie - The Simpsons Super7 Ultimate

    Like many of Super7’s ultimates, these figures are currently up for pre-order until September 20th for around $55 but won’t ship until well into 2022. While the price may sound a little steep, for collectors of these figures, these are some of the best you can find around that price range and are still pretty low end when compared to some other figures out there. Clearly this is the beginning of a beautifully big collection, so it might be worth putting a little money to one side in advance of subsequent waves.

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