Ghostbusters: Afterlife Gets Surprise Screening at CinemaCon

    There was a question raised about Sony’s three-hour reservation block held by Sony at CinemaCon and that question was what exactly would they be filling the time with. For those who ventured out to the event in Las Vegas, as well as the first viewing of the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer, which also released online, Sony threw a curveball that no-one saw coming – by screening the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife movie in its entirety. While the movie doesn’t arrive in theaters until November 11, there are a lucky few who have now seen Jason Reitman’s addition to the franchise which in effect completes the Ghostbusters trilogy that fans have wanted for over three decades.

    The new movie should have originally been released in Summer 2020, but like so many other big movies of last year found its release schedule constantly changing until it finally landed in November this year. While there have been a number of movies dropping further back into the year, including Sony’s own Venom: Let There Be Carnage, which switched from a September release to an October one, it currently looks like Ghostbusters: Afterlife will hold onto its early November slot barring any sudden changes in Covid variants.

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    While there was a general belief that many actors, producers and directors would not be attending the CinemaCon event, both Ivan and Jason Reitman turned out for the Sony event and as well as discussing the movie, the pair also added their praise to Sony for not massively succumbing to the Day and Date dual release strategy that has been adopted by most of the major studios and seen movies like Black Widow, Godzilla vs Kong and more hit streaming platforms simultaneously with their theatrical release.

    “I am honored to be here tonight on behalf of Sony because they are the only studio that is completely dedicated to theatrical distribution.” He continued, “For 40 years, the one question I was asked more than any other was are you going to make a Ghostbusters movie? I wanted to make a movie for my father and I wanted to make a movie for my daughter… Ghostbusters is a rare franchise, it doesn’t belong to the filmmakers, it doesn’t belong to me, it doesn’t belong to my father – technically it belongs to Sony – but it belongs to you,” said Jason Reitman.

    Reitman then went on to introduce the movie itself, asking how many had seen the original Ghostbusters and promising something special. “”You are about to go on the biggest Easter egg hunt of all time. From the opening musical piece to the end of the end credits, and all I ask is, please no spoilers… We’ve kept the ending secret so that people who come to your movie theaters (can discover it). I mean, if you like the movie, you can tell people that.”

    While Spider-Man may have dominated the headlines with the No Way Home trailer release, there are a huge number of fans who are just as excited about the return of Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and more to the franchise and a true culmination of the story that began 37 years ago.

    Ghostbusters: Afterlife arrives in theaters only on November 11.

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