5 Reasons Why Inception Is Christopher Nolan’s Best Movie (& 5 It’s The Dark Knight)

    Christopher Nolan, has evolved into a household name in the world of film and cinema due to his incredibly complex plots, and humane stories weaved into webs underlying the science fiction of his movies. Whether it is &Interstellar&, which follows humanity at risk of extinction looking for a new home, which was on a deeper level, the exploration of a father’s relationship with his daughter, and the will to survive based upon the idea of love; Or, you could take &Inception& which was about infiltration of dreams, deceit, cons and the origin of an idea, and whether an outside force could influence the decisions we make, was only a father trying to be reunited with his children.

    Christopher Nolan has made 11 movies so far, like this, many of which are science fiction and fantasy films, dealing with simple concepts under the guise of complex physics and science. Each of his films explore a different emotion, a different feeling, and aim to set a standard for movies in the future. Of these 11 films, which spark a debate amongst fans and critics of which movie transcends the other, which is better, two names appear very frequently, &The Dark Knight&, a groundbreaking film for superhero cinema, and Inception&, a complex film of dream infiltration that is the subject of many debates, mostly relating to its ending, even today. Here are 5 reasons for each that attempt to boost the debate of which is the best film.

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    Inception is incredibly original


    It is more than safe to say that no one had began to remotely consider the idea that dreams could be a gateway to decision in reality, and combine it with a heist-spy trope as Christopher Nolan did back when he decided to make &Inception.& While some of Christopher Nolan’s films are based upon existing works, &The Prestige &on a novel, and &Memento& on a short story, &Inception &was a hundred percent a fully original, Nolan idea. And rightly so, Nolan revealed that dealing with the complexity of the idea and thinking of an appropriate ending took him a decade. As they say, Rome was not built in a day, and neither was the world of Inception. This type of originality and undoubtedly a hundred percent Nolan idea gives Inception the upper hand on its competition.

    The Dark Knight features the best portrayal of The Joker

    The Dark Knight

    Legendary. That’s the word. Heath Ledger gave the world the best portrayal of a comic book villain ever, in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.& Ledger brought the movie to life with his intense, and extreme dialogue delivery, and unmatched on-screen chemistry with both Aaron Eckhart as Two-Face and Christian Bale&a’s Batman. Putting himself through intense, and vigorous preparation involving total isolation, staring in a mirror for long periods of time, practicing his now iconic smile and laugh, and even putting on his own makeup. While his initial casting was met with controversy by fans of the genre, citing him an unfit actor to play the part, he proved all his doubters wrong on the day of the release, providing an intense performance which more than matched that of Jack Nicholson, who had initially set the bar for Ledger. Nolan’s more realistic and grounded take on Joker, involving the confusion in his origin is meant to symbolize that even the Joker himself is unsure of who he is and how he has gotten to this point. This set-up contributed to Ledger’s incredible performance and various fan theories have emerged, speculating a possible military background and scar origin.&

    &Inception is a raw, pure, unapologetically Christopher Nolan movie


    Tarantino has &Pulp Fiction, &Francis Ford Coppola has &Godfather, &and Kubrick has … well… everything, Christopher Nolan has &Inception.& The perfect blend of fantasy, realism, unbelievable stories to those that can be related on a day-to-day basis, and mix in some iconic Hans Zimmer music and stunning shots, and you have yourself a Christopher Nolan original. Inception is the all-in-one package. Just like Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, &only Christopher Nolan could have dreamt up &Inception. &Maintaining his perfect blend with complexity and simplicity (whilst leaning significantly more towards the complex side) he delivered to all audiences a true gem in cinema, &extracting the performance of a lifetime from every actor and actress involved, from Leo DiCaprio to Tom Hardy.

    The Dark Knight rewrites the rulebook for EVERY comic book based movie

    The Dark Knight

    While Christopher Nolan’s movies are not everyone’s cup of tea, one thing can be said for sure, they are impactful. Be it &Interstellar,& mixing an out-worldly story with the deepest of emotions, &or even &Tenet, &which shocked the world with its realistic stunts and structured story. &The Dark Knight& is no different. As those before it, and after it, &The Dark Knight& changed the game completely. It tied in a very humane story into something very fantastical, something which was never this well executed before this movie.

    Inception is accompanied by its iconic soundtrack


    A good score can save a bad movie, and be the boundary between a good movie and a great movie. Hans Zimmer, produced the single most iconic score in movie history, with the ending track ‘Time’ being one of the most popular and most played scores in history. Involving a very tantalizing contrast of strings and drums, the whole soundtrack was unfaltering, and utterly perfect in all ways, accompanying a complex story, with intense, simple sounds. And Hans Zimmer does have a knack for iconic music, albeit &The Lion King, The Da Vinci Code,& and even &Man Of Steel.

    &The Dark Knight is a grounded take on many fantastical elements

    The Dark Knight

    From a crime boss, who fell into a vat of toxins and ended up with a permanent smile, to a madman with a lust for chaos, the Joker was one of the greatest elements of Nolan’s grounded take on the series. Be it the more realistic looking, military inspired Bat-Mobile, or the Bat-Wing, to more realistic motives and origins for many villains such as Bane, Two-Face and Scarecrow, The Dark Knight wonderfully joined fantasy and reality in holy matrimony, something which was an instant factor in its success.

    Inception has an open-ended and ever so famous ending


    Inception ends with Cobb spinning a totem out of habit to check if the world he is in is real or fake. Before it seemingly starts to tumble, the screen turns to black and the audience is left to interpret for themselves what the outcome is. While the general public is adamant on Cobb being in reality, and the rest adamant of him dreaming the whole sequence, him leaving the totem to whatever its fate may be shows that Cobb had evolved past the dream world. As he walked away from the totem it signified a world he had left behind and his children became his only priority, something which fans have marveled at and pondered for years. Without a true, concrete answer as to the fate of Cobb, or his children, in the face of new clues like the wedding ring, and the ages of his children coming into play, nothing can be said for sure, except for the genius of Nolan.

    The Dark Knight is easily rewatchable

    The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight has an influx of praise, but one of the biggest upper hands it has over the rest is the fact that it can easily be re-watched, something very rare for Nolan movies. Films like &Inception &and &Memento& are great films, the audience is taken through twists and the progression of the storyline but the x factor that it has seems to fade away. The movies become just a way to pass time. The Dark Knight breaks this mold. It is easily rewatchable and wonderful at every viewing. Having no major twists apart from the death of Rachel Dawes, it can easily be enjoyed over and over again, without a loss of enthusiasm, which many other films suffer from.

    Inception has a star-studded cast who all kill their roles


    A good actor makes a good movie. In Inception’s case, every actor was a good actor. Leonardo DiCaprio’s painful yet rewarding portrayal of Cobb, Tom Hardy’s comical and intense portrayal of Eames, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s friendly rivalry between Eames and Arthur, and Elliot Page’s performance as the kid genius, Adrianne. Marion Cotillard’s frightening performance as the antagonist Mal, and the all-around chemistry and ensemble of all the actors coming full-circle throughout the whole film was one of the best elements of it. The perfect amount of story to action, and fantasy to realism, was once again, Christopher Nolan at his best. Nolan worked his magic onto his canvas, the screen, and providing audiences with the film of a lifetime.

    The Dark Knight is the ultimate Batman movie

    The Dark Knight

    &The Dark Knight is hands down the best and unparalleled Batman movie, ever (yet). Nolan creates a wonderful exploration of the Batman-Joker relationship, and a haunting reflection of society which are portrayed through the high-stakes ending of the movie. Excelling at the usage of the second villain Two Face that many other superhero films failed to do, &The Dark Knight& set the bar for all Batman movies and one which has not been yet matched. The Batman& by Matt Reeves looks like a tantalizing prospect hot on the heels of this movie, with Nolan’s crime-ridden, ineffective police run Gotham, yet to be bested.

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