Fans Want Bruce Campbell to Bring His Mysterio to Spider-Man: No Way Home

    The release of the Spider-Man: No Way Home teaser trailer has confirmed some fan theories about the upcoming movie, but sparked a number of other debates – including one around the potential of a Bruce Campbell cameo role. During the trailer, through stills and video enhancement in some cases, fans have managed to pick out appearances of five members of Marvel’s Sinister Six, the group of Spider-Man villains who come together in the comics to try and rid themselves of the webbed-wonder. The question that is now being asked by Spider-Man fans is could Bruce Campbell be about to make up the sextet?

    Throughout the teaser trailer references are made in a quite obvious way to Doc Ock, the Green Goblin and Electro. There is also a strong suggestion that one quick scene involves the Sandman and after much debate and visual enhancing, some have come to the conclusion that the Lizard is hiding in the shadows on a blink and you miss it shot. The appearance of so many villains does in a way make sense, and may well fit in with Sony’s previous comments that this movie would make a connection between the MCU and Sony’s Marvel Universe, which has now been rebranded as Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. It also pushes a hefty chunk of weight behind theories that Bruce Campbell could be about to bring the final member of the Six to screen as Mysterio.

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    On the surface, this does seem like just a while fan wish, but there is quite a bit of credit behind in when you consider some other evidence. Campbell is set to appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which is directed by old Spider-Man director Sam Raimi. While there has been no previous talk of Campbell joining the Spider-Man movie, there is genuine reason why fans want to see him appear in the movie as Mysterio – and it all comes back to Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies…or at least one he never made.

    With Doc Ock, the Green Goblin and potentially Sandman all being pulled from Raimi’s Spider-Man Universe, if the director had been able to make his planned fourth installment, it would have reportedly featured Campbell as Mysterio. With the movie dealing with the multiverse and drawing from a series of other realities, it could easily be possibly to bring in a new version of Mysterio in the wake of Jake Gyllenhaal’s version’s death in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

    One of the biggest stumbling blocks for this scenario happening could well be Campbell himself, as the Evil Dead star has previously said that he has no interest taking on a big superhero character. “That’s Sam Raimi all the way,” Campbell told his reasons for appearing in the Spider-Man movies. “Big blockbuster movies, whenever I see an actor get cast in one of those, I wince, because I go, ‘Oh, that poor son of a bitch is going to be in that suit for 10 years.’ If shooting schedule’s seven months of shooting, you get your one month in the Bahamas, and then you’re promoting for three months, then you go right back to the next sequel, back in that same f-cking suit.'”

    Whether this comes true or not, there are plenty of fans who will be disappointed if they don’t get to see a little bit of what might have been in Campbell making an appearance in the movie. With hints having been given to five of the Sinister Six members, and industry insider adamant that a sixth member appears later in the movie, why would they hold back a tease of that sixth member if it wasn’t something special? All will be revealed in time…probably about four months’ time.

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